Experiencing Transformational Breath

Most facilitators will suggest you wear loose, comfortable clothing. It is advisable not to eat a heavy meal immediately prior to a session, nor to drink alcohol during that day. Check with your facilitator about bringing blankets and pillows for comfort and if they want you to bring anything else and prepare in any way.

The session itself:

  • You will sit or lie down in a comfortable space
  • After looking at your natural breathing pattern, your Facilitator will give clear gentle instructions and guide your breath into a connected rhythm
  • Pressure or body mapping will be applied to certain areas of the body to release tension
  • Toning and movement might also be used to relax the breath
  • You will continue to use the Transformational Breath® pattern for around 45 minutes to an hour
  • There is then time for deep relaxation where you lie for 10 – 15 minutes to allow the process to integrate and complete while continuing to breathe in a connected manner.

You will have time at the end to discuss your experience and how you can incorporate a self practice into your daily life.

A workshop typically consists of:

  • An introduction to the technique and/or a demonstration called Breath Analysis
  • Work round a specific theme or aspect – this may take the form of practical exercises or a group discussion
  • One or more breath sessions depending on duration.

There will be time for questions.