Our lives depend on our breathing, the movement we create within our bodies and the constant exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

If our breathing becomes restricted we may limit the effectiveness of this process and this may show up in physical illness, general lack of energy, or feeling emotionally drained. Indeed restricted breathing can be caused by emotional upset. We hold our breath to prevent ourselves being overwhelmed by our feelings and when this becomes habitual we lose the ability to breathe deeply and connect to our bodies and our selves.

Transformational Breath® encourages a full diaphragmatic breath. This massages all the organs that come into contact with, or are affected by, the movement of the diaphragm, thus aiding good circulation. Our Facilitators are trained to observe the breath and see physically where the breath is being held. They will then use simple techniques including adjusting the position of the body, gentle hands-on pressure, sound and positive affirmations to help the breath to open up and flow more freely. This, coupled to a specific breath pattern, can clear negativity in the sub-conscious mind and help us to feel lighter, happier and more peaceful.

With practice, as recommended by your facilitator, the breath will begin to flow more freely at all times and commonly people report better health, mental clarity, emotional freedom and resilience. It’s simple to learn and suitable for people of all ages, from newborn to old age. Once learned, you’ll use this technique for yourself as a lifelong tool.

We make no claims to cure disease and recommend that individuals should always consult a qualified healthcare provider for medical advice. However we know from experience that Transformational Breath® has given support to those dealing with:

Depression, burn-out and stress



Recovery from abuse

Asthma and other breathing conditions


Recovery from cancer and during cancer treatment

Convalescence of any kind and more.

The benefits of Transformational Breath® are derived from extensive experience worldwide and research that recognises the benefits of optimal breathing. You are advised that the perceived spiritual benefits of Transformational Breath® are subjective; the Consumer Protection Against Unfair Trading Regulations apply. If you have any concerns about your medical well being you are advised to contact your GP before undertaking Transformational Breath®.