Personal Development Programme (Levels 1-3)

You can experience Transformational Breath® by taking a course: the Transformational Breath Foundation’s Personal Development Programme is offered in many countries in Europe, America and Africa. Many thousands of people worldwide have experienced great transformation in their lives by following the programme.

The Programme is offered here in the UK and Ireland. It covers:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual/higher consciousness.

In the UK this may be offered as either three separate weekends or one weekend and a four-day training block. The whole programme may also be offered as a six-day seminar. Please see our Events section for details of what’s currently on offer. For information about events in other countries go to our international links page.

Each day of the programme contains two powerful breath sessions and other effective supporting modalities. The Programme provides a powerful opportunity for rapid growth and personal transformation of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one’s being. Amazing shifts in health, awareness and well-being can be experienced through using the breath and other powerful modalities.

The Personal Development Programme (sometimes called Levels 1 – 3) is the first step towards becoming a facilitator. For more on our Professional Training Programme (Level 4) click here.

When any of the Levels are being run you will find details in the Courses section of Events.