Abbie Dunne

Transformational breath is a beautiful and powerful healing tool. It saved my life by gently integrating emotional, physical and mental stressors that were causing imbalances, pain and illness throughout my body. Sharing this simple technique with others and witnessing how their lives have also been transformed has been incredibly rewarding and humbling.


Areas Covered
Geographical areas covered – Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge. I offer 1-2-1 sessions at A Little Breathing Space which is my private studio based in the peaceful Norfolk countryside. Please contact me via email to book in a session or for any further information.
In 2015 my body gave up and I found myself bed bound in a world of pain in my muscles and joints. Soon after, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and found myself completely devastated by the news. I was prescribed a chemotherapy drug to suppress my immune system, however the drugs made me feel even worse. This spiralled me into a deep depression, crying continuously due to the pain and at times wanting to end my life. On a quest to heal my body I searched for alternative therapies to get my health back and came across ‘And Breathe’ by the wonderful Rebecca Dennis. It only took reading the first chapter of the book for me to email her asking for an appointment. Transformational Breath has completely changed my life, by unblocking restricted breathing patterns and allowed me to successfully regain my health and live my life to the fullest again. Experiencing this profound healing technique inspired me to become a facilitator, so that I could share this incredibly powerful and beautiful healing tool with others.
I am a fully certified Transformational Breath Facilitator. I have trained in the UK with The Big Breath Company in London; Love In Breath in Glastonbury; Euphoric Health in Norfolk and also in France with RespirePlus. I have facilitated at workshops in London with Rebecca Dennis and in Norfolk with Susie Bartram, I am also a Breast Implant Illness Advocate and in 2016 co-founded a support group for women with illnesses and debilitating symptoms related to their breast implants. In 2019 I reported for Dispatches on channel 4 about the growing number of women who have experienced this problem to raise awareness for other women in the dark, as well as the medical community. You can find more information regarding this at