Allison Lindsay

“I have watched Transformational Breath® literally transform people’s lives – bringing relief from stress and trauma, and creating calmness and purpose. This easy to learn, self-healing technique is a simple way to build resilience in today’s busy world. The perfect way to give yourself much needed self-care, with something you always have with you – your Breath!”


Areas Covered

London and Kent


"Following the loss of my husband, I found it difficult to sleep and developed stress related pains in my abdomen and legs.I had seen my doctor who confirmed these were all symptoms of my grief.Using breathwork, Allison helped me to begin the release of the tension I was holding and subsequently the release of some deeply held grief.Allison guided and supported me through a series of 1:1 sessions so I felt I could "let go" in a safe environment. Rather than taking tablets, I was then able to continue breathing exercises at home to help me manage my symptoms in a more natural way."

Susan Carroll

Allison is a business psychologist, Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Group Leader, Grief Recovery Specialist and CTI qualified coach, as well as being a qualified Reiki Practitioner. She brings all of her skills and experience to her Breath sessions, creating a calm, nurturing and safe space for clients to experience the benefits of this life-changing therapy.

Founder of The School for Wellbeing Ltd, Allison offers one-to-one sessions at her home in South East London, as well as workshops in and around central and South East London and Kent.


Allison has trained with the founder of Transformational Breath, Dr. Judith Kravitz, and has facilitated on multiple professional and personal seminars and workshops globally, including in Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, and the USA. Her working life has been very much in the corporate world and she fully understands the demands and stresses of working in a long hours, always-on, corporate role. She believes that Transformational Breath® can provide the perfect antidote, with many benefits including increased clarity, relaxation, stress management as well as the energising and self-healing effects of the practice.

12 March 2021
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14 March 2021
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15 March 2021
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28 March 2021
Breathe Yourself Happier and Calmer (online) workshop

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