Beverley D’Silva

“Do you want better physical health, greater inner peace and a tranquil space you can always go to? Transformational Breath® can give you all these, and more. It’s a powerful, easy-to-follow and natural technique, which has given me benefits beyond words, and I’d love to share it with you.”


Areas Covered
Beverley D’Silva offers 1-2-1 sessions in Lewes and the East Sussex area, and online breath sessions in the comfort of clients' homes.
I’ve had some wonderful breath sessions with Beverley. She helped me to release emotional blocks, and to see future steps with real clarity. After each session I felt energised and positive. She works very intuitively, in a way that is fun, healing and powerful. 
Lucy O'Brien
Wellbeing and health has always interested me. Yet it was falling ill with an autoimmune disease that led me to explore what is true health and how to regain it when it fails. I healed with good nutrition and other modalities, including Buddhist meditation, and Reiki (which I trained in to levels I and II). And then I found Transformational Breath®. In summer 2017, having been commissioned to write an article on breathing, I went to a workshop led by Rebecca Dennis - and was amazed by the power of my own breath. It was like waking up: the world looked sparklier, I felt energised and freer, and I loved the breathing community. I went on to work with Elif Clarke and Sarah Jons, Alan Dolan and others, and saw how conscious connected breathing can heal you - physically, emotionally and in spirit. Also how it can connect to negative thoughts and traumas, some buried since childhood, and integrate them naturally. I loved the practice so much I began training in it. Transformational Breath®’s positive effects on our emotions is of special interest to me - in particular, anxiety and depression, so prevalent in our modern world. It’s one the most powerful self-healing tools on the planet, and I love to share it with others, so they can find health, happiness and self-awareness through the breath.
Beverley qualified as a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator in 2018. She trained in the UK, Ireland, Denmark and the US, and assisted Dr Judith Kravitz, co-creator of Transformational Breath®, in China . She is grateful to her mentor and friend, Elif Clark, Certified Transformational Breath® Senior Trainer, for guidance, wisdom and the fun. She is grateful too for the incredible expertise and insight of Judith Kravitz, Eugenia Altamira, and others. She continues to write articles for the Sunday Times, Breathe, Psychologies and Waitrose Health. Topics she’s covered include Transformational Breath®, meditation, nature cures, the quality of stillness, forest bathing, self-acceptance, neuro-feedback, her ancestral roots in Sri Lanka and her healer grandmother Merlyn.