Charlotte Gem

“I had to give up singing because of asthma but thanks to Transformational Breath® my breathing has improved and I have since joined two choirs and taken part in several major choral works. My aim now is to support others as they empower and transform themselves.”


Areas Covered

Charlotte is based in St Mary, Jersey. She is, at present, the only Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator in the Channel Islands.


She works in her lovely therapy room at Belfry Holistic Therapies, which she founded in a beautiful garden in peaceful, rural St Mary, Jersey. She offers people of all ages one to one sessions, each tailored to their individual needs. She helps them to set a goal to work towards. She then supports them to release emotional tension and gain gifts and awareness. Her aim is to send her clients home feeling refreshed, energised and 'lighter'.


Charlotte was introduced to Transformational Breath® in 2009 and realised quickly that her breathing became deeper and flowed more easily. As she cleared emotional blocks that had held her back for years, she found that her energy levels increased enabling her to take more exercise and lead a more active and fulfilled life. She started her training in the UK but subsequently continued with Judith Kravitz in Italy, Mexico, San Diego and Turkey. She also offers Theta Healing and Health Kinesiology.