Denise Gwatkin

I am working alongside Vincent Oloo organising seminars and levels 4a and 4b.  As well as this I have my own studio for private clients which is in my garden.  It is a beautiful breathing space and when you come for a breathing session here it will be a chance to get away from every day life and just breathe.  I came across transformational breath®️ a few years ago and it has literally changed my life.  for the better!  These days I am much calmer, take time for myself, meditate, believe in God and that is from experience rather than thinking I should.  This experience has come from doing the breathwork.  So please give it a go – you will get a warm welcome from me , the knowledge that it’s all a bit weird at first, but at the same time believing that it can help you to become more grounded, more full of joy and love which emanates from all of us if we let it.


Areas Covered
Working from home in New Malden in my wonderful cabin in my garden doing 1-2-1 and also very happy to come to your house if it is within 20 miles or so from her home.   If anyone is thinking of attending a week’s course she is working on the admin side with Vincent Oloo and together runs Breathe in Freedom with him. Vincent who is from Kenya is a senior trainer of transformational breath® and has zillions of years experience of teaching from seminar level to level 4b as well as running workshops and doing 1-2-1s back in Kenya. If you decide to do a seminar your life will not be the same (it will be better by far!). You will feel free and be raring to go with more vitality, more freedom and more zest for the gift of this wonderful life we have.  
People said to me “what you’ve had to go away to learn to breathe?” Yes and I’m so glad I did. After the first week’s course I was just blown away and was inspired to train as a facilitator. It was an amazing journey and this wonderful journey has continued to being able to help others find out what their breath can do for them. In my past life I was a competitive tennis player which required a good set of lungs and plenty of stamina but this is something quite different. One’s whole spirit is awakened and for me I finally got to find out who I truly am. So please try it! This has completely changed since becoming a facilitator and now I love to breathe and to get involved with anything that connects me to being present! It’s just great to be able to show others how to improve their whole being and this is my passion having spent many years enjoying life but not quite enjoying or experiencing it enough. If you understand what I mean then transformational breath® is for you. In my early years I had problems with both food and alcohol and now I understand why.  Not weak willed as others like to tell you, just a dis-ease with life as I knew it. So if anyone has problems in these areas then come and try transformational breath®.  
Denise is a qualified 1-2-1 transformational breath facilitator® and group leader.  She did her training with Nathalie Montille, the most senior trainer in the UK, and also with Vincent Oloo another senior trainer who comes over from Kenya on a regular basis to teach people here.  He has a vast amount of experience and charisma.  She now works with him and learns lots from his amazing wisdom.
22 January 2024
Residential – Transformational Breath®️Level 4A 22-28 Jan 2024 – Open Pathway Retreat Centre, Queen Camel, Somerset

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4 May 2024

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12 July 2024
Residential – Transformational Breath®️seminar run by senior trainer Vincent Oloo at The Open Pathway Retreat Centre. Queen Camel Somerset – Friday 12th July – Wednesday 17th July 2024

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19 July 2024
Residential – Transformational Breath®️ Level 4A Friday 19th July – Thursday 25th July 2024 – Open Pathway Retreat Centre – Queen Camel, Somerset

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18 November 2024
Residential – Level 4b with senior trainer, Vincent Oloo – The Open Pathway Retreat Centre, Queen Camel, Somerset, BA22 7NU – Monday 18th November 2024 – Sunday 24th November 2024

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