Jessie LauteCertified to run online sessions

“Transformational Breath® enabled me to re-connect with myself, release old trauma and break free from negative thought patterns. Absolutely life changing, this powerful technique has inspired my mission to work with people to help them do the same and live their most authentic lives.”


Areas Covered
London & South East in person. Worldwide Online.
Jessie is a highly intuitive Transformational Breath® Group Leader & Wellbeing Coach with a passion for helping people come back into alignment and heal pain and trauma in their lives. Currently based in London however, fully adapting to the changes this year, is now running all group workshops and one to one sessions online with incredibly powerful results.
Jessie studied Transformational Breath in Brazil, Mexico, US, UK and has worked with some of the most incredible teachers of this life changing tool. She also has a diploma from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and is able to support her clients in a broader way. Jessie previously worked as a HR/Recruitment Executive for almost 15 years across the Legal & Financial Services. She therefore fully understands the pressures that can come with that Corporate life and is now able to share what she has learned over the years to help manage that to live healthier and be more effective in the workplace. Having experienced a trauma in her childhood, Jessie was unaware of the story and pain she was carrying around for most of her life. It shaped all of her experiences without knowing, Breathwork allowed that to come to the surface and integrate which has completely transformed her life. Now, with an international presence and a passion for helping people, it is Jessie's mission to share this tool of breathwork far and wide to empower people to take back control of their lives and really begin to thrive.