Jonathan Orchard

Many healing and self-development methods promise you the world but often do not really deliver or require a high level of commitment and effort to see results. Transformational Breath® however is one of those very rare things that actually will exceed your expectations. Words cannot adequately express the wonder and joy of discovering something so freeing, comforting and healing as your very own breath. I feel this is a fundamental gift that will inform and empower you, everyday for the rest of your life. It is a privilege to be able to invite you all to come and join me, in one of the greatest discoveries for all our healing. Your Breath truly is Life!


Areas Covered
Jonathan works out of the Living Centre Clinic in Raynes Park, southwest London. It is only a 20-minute train journey from Waterloo and 5 minutes from Wimbledon.
Jonathan has been a full time Acupuncturist for over 20 years with a particular speciality in treating Fertility issues and has successfully helped many couples achieve their dreams of having healthy full-term pregnancies. He has also been an accredited Journey practitioner since 2009( which is another equally powerful modality that beautifully complements the breath work. Jonathan trained for over 15 years in the traditional Chinese arts of Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Dao yin and Qi Gong. He was the senior teacher of this lineage in London for 8 years, performing twice in the Albert Hall and on national television as part of the ‘Big Dance’ in Trafalgar square. Jonathan has a unique ability to synthesise his knowledge of Acupuncture, body work and his martial art skills with Transformational Breath®
Jonathan had his first Transformational Breath session in 2009 and immediately realised that this technique was of primary importance for really effective health and healing. Breath is the ‘X’ factor that connects Body, Mind and Spirit. TB will support and give a big boost to any dietary, mental and emotional approaches to our wellbeing. Jonathan has trained extensively in TB and continues to develop his own practise of breath work combining his very extensive experience in Dao Yin/Qi Gong (Taoist breath work), meditation, Wim Hof breath work and Journey Work. Jonathan also has personal experience of healing from Lyme disease and has written articles on how he did this for a leading UK functional medicine magazine