Louise Weavers



Lou is a Transformational Breath® facilitator based in North Somerset, founder of Breathwise Breathwork.

“It’s time to wake up and wise up to the power of our own breath!”

“I am passionate and motivated to help you to  understand the power and potential of your own breath and introduce Transformational Breath® as a tool to help you manage your own well-being and support you with whatever you are experiencing in your own life!”


Areas Covered
Based in North Somerset & Bristol.
My personal experience of  Transformational Breath® has been transformational! Transformational Breath® has allowed me to change a life-long pattern of simply 'surviving' to one of 'thriving'. Feeling good is addictive and I was driven to learn more and to now, share this amazing self-care tool with others..........feeling good IS just a few breaths away!
One to one sessions and workshops.