Melike Hussein

“BREATH is our greatest gift. Breath is free, yours and always with you! Transformational Breath ® is the most powerful therapy I have ever experienced and I have witnessed first-hand how this wonderful technique has literally transformed the lives of my clients. I am in awe of the simplicity and immense power of Breath unlocked by this easy-to learn technique and passionate about helping others to change their lives too.”


Areas Covered

Melike is based in South West London (TW1 1JU). She also works in Central London and also offers sessions in her client's home.

"Melike is extremely professional in her approach and welcoming. Right from at the door, she is making me feel safe and comfortable throughout the session. I enjoy her gentle guidance during the session which keeps me on track. Melike is empathetic in every way. The sessions I had with Melike have been extremely powerful - physically, emotionally and spiritually. In fact I find my sessions with Melike life changing - like peeling all the layers of an onion. I am peeling off the layers that I have suppressed. I would not hesitate to recommend Melike to others so that they can benefit from such a caring, compassionate person through her passion in her breath work. Thanks Melike. And thanks for all the useful tips."
Elaine S.C. London

Melike, a Certified Transformational Breath ® Facilitator and Group Leader, is the founder of BREATHZONE. She uniquely combines a very successful career in finance with her keen interest in health and wellbeing. Melike enjoyed a very successful career in finance working in blue chip companies. During her long career, whilst progressing in corporate life she often felt stressed and anxious. Finally, after years of searching for a powerful tool to manage her experiences in a positive way, Melike discovered the power of her own breath to enhance wellbeing and build stress resilience. On a mission to spread the word, Melike dedicated herself to deepening her understanding of this wonderful work by working with inspirational teachers from all over the world and working with her wonderful clients.

Melike combines her expertise in Transformational Breath ® with Mindfulness, Meditation and keen understanding of science and the ever increasing evidence behind breathwork and how it is possible to restore balance to our bodies' stress response systems, calm an agitated mind, relieve symptoms of anxiety, improve physical health and endurance, and elevate performance by changing the patterns of breathing.

She is known for her strong intuition, empathy, gentle approach and calming effect when working with people. She has a keen ability to make her clients feel safe and at ease whilst coaching.

"Melike has an incredible calming presence and is a great listener. I was extremely nervous coming to session but she made me feel completely at ease right from the start.

I work in finance and am under intense pressure everyday. I wanted to try breath because at few occasions I noticed that I was holding my breath. Almost needed to remind myself to breathe again. I find myself increasingly unable to deal with work pressures and carrying it to my personal life. I found it difficult to switch off.

Even after my first session with Melike, I started to notice my breath and learned to use it to deal with stress and anxiety in a positive way. I feel stronger and in control every day. My performance visibly improved because I am no longer victim of stress and know how to manage it whatever happens. I am a much happier person at work and at home thanks to breath.

I recommend Melike to everyone wholeheartedly. Thanks Melike for sharing your magic with me. Thanks breath."

Jamie K. - London


Melike completed her Group Leader training of this cutting edge breath work in Italy with Judith Kravitz, the founder of Transformational Breath®.

With over 15 years in senior finance roles, she fully understands the demands and stresses of modern work life. Melike combines the power of Transformational Breath® with techniques such as mindfulness and meditation to manage stress and pressures of work life in a proactive and positive way, and to optimise performance. Melike's passion is to give practical tools to individuals to empower them in enhancing their own wellbeing and building resilience.