Michelle Messer

“Transformational Breath® completely changed the course of my life, eventually compelling me to move away from a working life in a corporate environment to setting up a practice to help others with their breathing journey.  Breath IS life and I am so passionate about showing you how to harness the power of your breath to enhance the quality of your life!”


Areas Covered
Based in the West Midlands, working out of her home in Wolverhampton.
"Transformational Breath® literally saved my life.  When I was at my very lowest with nowhere else to turn a chance encounter with Transformational Breath® allowed me to re-connect with myself, release a lifetime of trauma and break free from negative thought patterns allowing me to blossom into the positive and open hearted person I am today.

It is my deepest wish to work with anyone who may have mental health issues, allowing them to benefit from this wonderful modality.  I also have a fondness for working with seniors, believing it is never to late to change your breath to change your life".							
Michelle is qualified to deliver Transformational Breath® in a 1-2-1 setting.

Michelle is also partnered with Sally Asquith and together they run Simply Breathtaking which offers workshops and Transformational Breath® trainings.  They also have a charity Breathing In Peace which works with Veterans Charities and community groups specialising in breathwork as a self-help tool for PTSD and specifically complex and combat PTSD.							
10 September 2022
Facilitators Weekend Retreat

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17 September 2022
Breathe and Release – Breathwork Workshop (Wolverhampton)

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18 September 2022
Breathe and Release – Breathwork Workshop (Solihull)

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26 September 2022
Transformational Breath® Seminar (levels 1-3)

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