Philippa Wilkin

“Breathwork helps you to release your emotional baggage, rediscover your authentic voice and experience your greatest potential. It has radically changed my life for the better and can transform yours too. But don’t just take my word for it, take the leap and experience it for yourself. I promise you’ll be delighted and inspired”


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My philosophy has two parts:
Revolutionary - A Personal Revolution
During our sessions we work to 'clear out the past' (emotions, thoughts, trauma) holding you back so that you can become more self aware, know what you want, reclaim your power,  trust yourself, heal the past and create space for a new future.
Evolutionary - The Expansion Begins
Now there is space for the new version of you. The future version you've had glimpses of, but haven't quite been able to grasp or dream could be your reality. With this new space and awareness you will create a solid foundation to claim your sovereignty, step into leadership, and create an inspiring life. If you're ready to unleash your potential, I'd love to invite you to
I had one session in 2017 with Philippa in Bali, and here I am leaving a review over 2 years later. I was totally new to breathwork, relatively new to the whole "healing" thing and to understanding how much pain my body, mind and soul carried. My session was very intense, and what stands out for me was how incredibly present and tuned in Philippa was. Some people, like her, are just the real deal, and they aren't always easy to come by in this world... the way she held me, both energetically and literally, was a profound experience. I don't know that most healers out there would have been so invested, connected and caring. Although I have not seen her since, the experience still marks me as having been in contact with a true compassionate professional, who went above and beyond when faced with someone who needed the help at the time. Could not recommend her enough! - Marguerite
Philippa is the founder of Breathworks, a coach and retreat leader, and travels the world empowering people to use conscious breathing techniques to achieve their greatest potential.
Born and bred in the English countryside, Philippa is a corporate escapee turned breathwork facilitator. Her existential crisis led to a path of self exploration, deciding to quit 'normal life' in 2014 and break out of the ‘small beige box’ she found herself in to discover her true purpose. Living in Brazil was the perfect antidote to her western conditioning and provided the space to explore and train in Transformational Breath®, a style of therapeutic breathwork. Philippa spent 12 years in the London insurance industry before making the transition to breathwork. With extensive experience of living the fast paced city life -  she managed a high functioning team and a £50m portfolio prior to quitting it all to find more balance and satisfaction in life. She utilises a variety of transformational tools and methods that actually WORK to create long lasting positive change, supporting clients to find more freedom and fulfilment in their lives. Her methods include: Breathwork,The Demartini Method® & The Spiral She trained with Dr Judith Kravitz in the USA and has facilitated and organised events in various countries since. Her experience and interests include trauma healing, emotional release, addiction, depression, anxiety, stress management, workplace wellbeing, metal health issues, psychedelic integration, career change and transitions.