Ronica Joshi

At Mind Body Feel Good I teach Transformational Breath; a powerful and effective empowerment technique to awaken intelligence within. To strengthen your inner wisdom and guidance.

I believe it’s simple really, you always know what makes you feel good.

When you continually awaken intelligence within and connect to your inner guidance you feel good because you always make the right choice for you.


Areas Covered

I run Transformational Breath Workshops & Private Sessions and host Personal & Professional Training Courses in London.

Introductory Workshops are held with small groups of 6 only to ensure that you get the most out of the experience.


After over a decade working as a Marketing Professional in London, I was introduced to Transformational Breath as a way to rediscover a work-life balance whilst in a hard working, often stressful corporate life.

I have worked in management positions in Marketing across a number of blue chip organisations for over 19 years for companies including Unilever, John Lewis Partnership, M&C Saatchi, Virgin and Sony.

I continue to work successfully as a Marketing Professional & Founder of MindBodyFeelGood and continue to use Transformational Breath in my own life everyday.

At Mind Body Feel Good I run Transformational Breath workshops and host Transformational Breath courses to facilitate extraordinary life changing experiences for you.

Isn't it time for you to take time out to hear your inner wisdom loud and clear? It's your access to a life full of feel good.

It's your key to wellbeing in every area of your life.


I continue to work successfully as a Marketing Professional, Founder of MindBodyFeelGood and Co-Chair of Transformational Breath Foundation UK.

I continue to use Transformational Breath in my own life everyday and have been working with Transformational Breath for over 8 years; 3 years personally developing my own practice and 5 years professionally teaching others.

I currently coach men and women in this life enhancing technique, to have success in the workplace AND in their personal lives, whether the challenge faced be physical, emotional or mental.

Introductory Private Courses - 4 Week or 6 Week Course

All Transformational Breath private sessions are 2 hours in length. Each appointment is held in the privacy of your own home or in Alexandra Park.

Private Sessions are perfect for those with no experience of Transformational Breath wanting a private bespoke experience or those with experience of Transformational Breath wanting to deepen their experience.

Private Sessions are booked as 4 or 6 Week Courses.

Introductory Private Session - £200

4 Week Course - £750

6 Week Course - £1000

Introductory Workshops - 3 hours

Held on Sundays 1pm-4pm in Alexandra Park, London.

Upcoming Dates: Currently on hold.

All Personal & Professional Training Courses are run by Nathalie Montille, the most Senior Trainer in the U.K. with over 20 experience of Transformational Breath.

6 Day Personal Seminar Course

Sat 26th Sept-Thurs 1st Oct 2020 9am-6.30pm in Barnet, London. UK.

7 Day Professional Training Course: Level 4A

Sun 29th November-Sat 5th December 2020 9am-7pm in Barnet, London. UK.