Russell Storey

“Ever inspired by the simplicity and power of conscious breathwork to help generate personal healing and change, my mission is to help make Transformational Breath® an accessible alternative health practice that can assist anyone, who chooses, to lead an integrated and healthy modern lifestyle.”


Areas Covered

He is based in Edinburgh.


Russell is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Workshop Leader specialising in helping professional people bring balance, wellbeing and fulfillment to their busy (and often complex) lives with Transformational Breath®. Founder of "Connected Breath", Russell is available for one to one consultations as well as group facilitation.


Originally from Australia, Russell has lived in Scotland since 2002. In this time he has balanced a corporate career with his lifelong interest in personal growth and change. Since discovering Transformational Breath® in 2010, Russell has had the opportunity to work with people from around the globe and in 2013 completed his workshop leader training in the US with Judith Kravitz, the founder of Transformational Breath®. He is also a Master Practitioner & Trainer of Thought Pattern Management and a member of the professional guild of NLP. Russell is also certified in Spiral Dynamics and experienced with the Emotional Freedom Technique.