Sally AsquithCertified to run online sessions

Transformational Breath® has taken me from a career in
engineering to a completely new life. It had such a profound affect on me I changed
direction so that I could share the amazing techniques with others and I can be relied
upon to speak passionately about breathwork at any opportunity!


Areas Covered
Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Yorkshire
I am a Transformational Breath® Group Leader and the founder of Breathing in Peace CIC.  As a not for profit company our mission is to provide Transformation Breath® workshops and sessions to anyone who needs them and this in turn allows us to fund programs for veterans and members of the military community.  Having served in the British Army myself, working with veterans is close to my heart and I have seen the incredible healing power of breathwork in people who have lived through some of the most extreme circumstances. I am so grateful to have found this path and to be able to share Transformational Breath® which has the ability to change lives so profoundly.
I qualified as a Group Leader in November of 2019 and along the way trained with some of the  best Transformational Breath® Trainers in the UK, Holland, Italy, and Turkey including Judith Kravitz herself.  Since qualifying I have worked with Veterans Charities and community groups specialising in breathwork as a self-help tool for PTSD and specifically complex and combat PTSD.
10 September 2022
Facilitators Weekend Retreat

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17 September 2022
Breathe and Release – Breathwork Workshop (Wolverhampton)

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18 September 2022
Breathe and Release – Breathwork Workshop (Solihull)

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26 September 2022
Transformational Breath® Seminar (levels 1-3)

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11 November 2022
Reclaim Your Breath™

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