Sarah JonsCertified to run online sessions

“I believe that Transformational Breath is the most powerful self-healing process on the planet. So for complete physical, mental and emotional well being … then learn how to breathe effectively with me.”


Areas Covered
Although based in London, Sarah organises workshops throughout the UK and retreats abroad.
"Sarah was kind, empathetic, attentive, and made me feel very much at ease with the therapy. After three sessions, I continued to practice the breathing and visualisation exercises I learned from Sarah on a daily basis. In the cycle immediately after our last therapy session, we fell pregnant. I continued with Sarah’s exercises throughout the first half of the high risk pregnancy to calm my nerves and focus on healing."
Hi, I'm Sarah Jons and work full time as a therapist


I have a deep understanding and years of training in a range of alternative and complementary therapies.  I'm the Co-Founder of The Big Breath Company and deliver workshops, retreats and training in the UK and abroad to groups.

I believe we are all born with a unique purpose to offer the World.  However, we often don't realise it until much later on in life.  Through my own personal crisis 20 years ago, and struggle to get my life back on track, I found I was called was to help others.

My specialism is the field of infertility and I help women who are struggling to become mothers both with natural and assisted reproduction protocols.  I qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist over 10 years ago, and as a Transformational Breath Facilitator back in 2014 and have now worked with hundreds of clients on simple as well as complex issues such as sexual abuse and trauma.  I've also witnessed through this work, how the breath can reset the nervous system to heal mind body and soul.
  • She is the Co-Founder of The Big Breath Company
  • Sarah discovered Transformational Breath back in 2014 and is now qualified to Level V as a workshop leader and is following the Trainer path to become a Senior Trainer
  • She has assisted Judith Kravitz on the Personal Development Training Programme (levels 1 - 3).
  • She co-trains at official Transformational Breath programmes in the UK and abroad.
  • Sarah has spent over 20 years working for a top university as a senior manager supporting students.
  • She is a member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners.
  • She is also Vice-Chair of Transformational Breath UK Foundation.
  • She has over a decade worth of experience as a cognitive hypnotherapist.