Steven BannisterCertified to run online sessions

‘We have everything we need to heal ourselves within, both emotionally and physically.  The mind and body possess an incredible wisdom and a desire to achieve harmony, we only need to tune in and listen. Transformational Breath ® positively changed the way I relate with myself, those around me and the world.


When we connect with our true nature, we are able to bring more love, peace and joy in to our lives.


It is my passion to bring this powerful healing experience to you on your journey’.


Areas Covered
East Sussex
As a Physiotherapist with over 17 years’ experience, Steve has a special interest in understanding the physical dimensions of emotion and trauma. Emotions are ‘energies in motion’ and when they are not expressed, they often show up as chronic tension in the body. Drawing on expert medical knowledge, advanced bodywork and movement skills, Steve brings a friendly, individualised and person-centred approach to Transformational Breath ®. Steve is passionate about helping clients uncover their authentic self, helping to relieve symptoms of anxiety, low mood, fatigue, physical tension and chronic pain.
Steve trained in the UK and Italy with Judith Kravitz, the founder of Transformational Breath ® and is a qualified facilitator and group leader. Steve has over 17 years’ experience as a Physiotherapist and read an MSc in Sports and Exercise Therapy at Queen Marys University London. Training in CBT, Mindfulness and Reiki, together with personal interests in Buddhist and Non-Dual philosophy, has developed a holistic and rounded approach to his practice. I can be found in East Sussex and work at Inbodhi Yoga, Milligan House, Port Hall Avenue. Brighton. BN1 5PL