Stuart Sandeman

Stuart helps individuals, groups and businesses to reach their full potential through coaching and breath work. He is founder of Breathpod and director at global coaching organisation Mindful Talent where he has delivered one-to-one sessions and workshops to businesses including Google, Nike, Sky, Virgin and Fulham FC. Stuart has a professional background in sales and finance, has travelled the world as an international DJ, has a black belt in Judo and a lifetime of experience in competitive sports.


Areas Covered

Stuart is based in London

1:1 Sessions:

1 Harley Street, London

Weekly Workshops:

Every Wednesday at Hello Love Dojo, Holborn, London


Stuart loves to engage and connect with people to deliver powerful coaching and breath sessions that break negative habits, beliefs and patterns to move into a state of learning, development, self-awareness and growth. His unique combination of coaching and conscious breathing is the next evolution in personal and professional development. His conscious breathing sessions integrates change on a cellular level, clearing through any physical, mental or emotional blocks, patterns or limiting beliefs held in the subconscious. His coaching consciously moves experience into action. This has huge impact on personal growth. It increases energy, productivity, communication, confidence, focus and improves performance, emotional intelligence, decision making, concentration, sleep and memory.


- Transformational Breath Workshop Leader

- Advanced Certification in Coaching Practise

- Judo Black Belt

His pursuit for optimum performance began when competing internationally for the Scottish Judo Team. As a successful athlete, he developed a winning mindset and learned the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, self-motivation, using visualisations, goal setting, and tools to manage anxiety. Using this experience, Stuart trained and coached the University of Leeds Judo squad whilst studying a BSC in Mathematics and Geography.

After graduating, Stuart followed a career in finance working in UK and Asia markets. During this time he dealt in a number of equity derivative based products, negotiating transactions up to $10 million and motivated teams of traders in a fast paced, dynamic, highly volatile and often stressful environment. Whilst working Nikkei 225 stock market in 2011, Stuart's conscience was affected by the devastating Tsunami that engulfed Japan. Realising how limited one's time is on earth; he decided to follow his passion for music. After securing a number of record deals, he toured the world as an international DJ until another life defining moment struck; he lost his girlfriend to cancer. At this time he found solace in Transformational breath. He discovered that by following this connected pattern of breathing, the stress and anxiety lifted, his energy levels increased and the emotional trauma of grief and hurt faded. Amazed by his personal shift, and feeling a sense of gratitude for his own personal circumstances, including health, wellbeing and opportunities, Stuart trained as a coach and breath facilitator to help others flourish.

Stuart runs weekly Transformational Breath Workshops every Wednesday 6pm-8pm at Hello Love, Holburn, London. These sessions are in support of Hello Beautiful Cancer foundation so 50% of ticket donated to the charity and anyone affected by cancer is FREE of charge.