Susie SmithCertified to run online sessions

My calling to work with the breath has had a profound effect on my own life journey, stripping back years of deep-rooted trauma and realigning me with my life purpose. I found my authentic truth and now I want to bring this level of self-exploration and transformation to as many people as possible. Live your purpose and integrate your past with Intuitive Breathwork.


Areas Covered
  • Private treatment space for individuals and couples therapy in Bromley, South East London.
  • Group workshops across the UK, regularly in Bromley, Beckenham, South East London and Kent.
  • Able to travel for events e.g.  festivals, corporate workshops.
  • 1-to-1 sessions online via Zoom to people across the world.
“Not sure I expected it to be quite as powerful and transcendental feeling. Quite amazing!” ♥ “An extremely powerful healing experience.” ♥ “Far exceeded my expectations and although I spent most of the time crying, I loved it. Thank you so much.”
Client testimonials
Susie is a warm and highly intuitive practitioner who worked with people and energy for over 5yrs before founding Today her conscious breathwork, trauma informed background and laughter therapy practice offers 1-to-1 sessions, group workshops and events including kambo-breathwork collaboration retreats. Clients can experience Transformational Breath® at her private treatment space in Bromley or in group settings at Breeze Yoga in Beckenham, and other locations across South East London. Susie prides herself on creating a safe and nurturing environment, where clients can let go and experience powerful integration. Both in-person and online options are effective and nourishing. 1-to-1 60-70 min sessions are £75. A 3 session package is £200. 1-to-1 50-60 min sessions online via Zoom are £50. A 3 session package via Zoom is £135.
Susie’s understanding of the breath is extensive and thorough. She trained with Alan Dolan (The Breath Guru) and the Transformational Breath® Foundation, and is a certified Facilitator and Group Workshop Leader. She also holds qualifications in Massage, Reiki, Reiki Drumming, Shamanic Journeying and Seichem - ‘say-keem’ - a healing art from Egypt. As an experienced intuitive she is able to read and tap into the energy of each individual, working with their subconscious and body wisdom to recognise where blockages and trauma are being held; clearing and realigning anything holding them back from reaching their full and glorious potential. Susie is also an eternal student, currently studying to be a certified Live Your Purpose Life Coach with innovator Mastin Kipp, and draws inspiration from thought-leaders such as Brene Brown, Mastin Kipp, Dr. Dan Siegal, Teal Swan, Eckhart Tolle & Joe Despenzer. Prior to her career in wellness Susie worked in corporate hospitality and in her twenties was a full time stand-up comedian on the London comedy circuit. She believes laughter really is the best medicine and her unique blend of humour and compassionate sensitivity is highly prized by clients and colleagues alike.