Valerie JennerCertified to run online sessions

“Breath and voice combined gives us life and identity. The deeper we breathe, the fuller we live. The fuller we live, the more we have to express and the deeper we can communicate. I want this for myself and for everyone I work with.”


Areas Covered
Valerie works mainly in South Birmingham and other parts of the Midlands by arrangement.

"Thank you for supporting everything that emerged .... something that was very stuck was released. My energy is returning. I deeply appreciate what you have made it possible for me to do."

Breath client, West Midlands
Valerie is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Trainer and a voice specialist. She works with breath and sound in her practice, using Transformational Breath® and expressive and creative voice techniques when appropriate. She offers one to one sessions, a monthly breath circle and other workshops including Reclaim Your Breath, Human Voice and Singing Heart. She now offers online Transformational Breath® sessions and online voice sessions.

She trained as a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator with Angela Leake in the UK and with Judith Kravitz in Italy. She has also trained in Voice Studies at Central School of Speech and Drama and worked there for two years as a Tutor in Voice, Speech and Text before coming to Birmingham. She has a background in theatre performance, directing and teaching. She is now certified to offer online sessions.

16 July 2022
Breathing Free

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29 July 2022
Reclaim Your Breath

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