Breathe Me Free – 3 Part Breathwork Series – Suitable for Beginners

A journey within to release, reset & revive

I am so excited to bring you the ‘Breathe Me Free’ 3 part breathwork series.

Following the success of the December Detox and Spring Cleanse, I am delighted to be offering this again.

This 3 part series consists of 3 x 2 hour group sessions on a Wednesday evening, 7.30pm GMT and we begin next week on 5th May!

You will learn the powerful connected breathing technique, Transformational Breath ®️, and be able to use it to heal your life.

Week – 1 we will cover the introduction and you will have a full session (each week).

Week 2 – we will explore a little deeper and delve into our emotional body and integrate what needs to release.

Week 3 – we start to work more with our intuition to be able to tap into our inner guidance and wisdom.

In addition to this you will receive coaching each week from me AND each receive a breathing analysis which is where I will observe your individual breathing pattern to understand where you may be holding tension & trauma to then be able to access it and release it.

By having 3 x sessions in 3 x consecutive weeks you are allowing yourself to really learn the technique and start to embody it.

Are you ready to show up for you? Are you ready for change? To let go of the old and welcome in the new?

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Numbers are limited to ensure dedicated support for each of you.

Any questions please contact me directly and I look forward to going on this journey with you, this is what others had to say after completing it:

“Jessie has a lovely energy. It was great to be guided by her in breath work. We did a lot of intention setting as part of the course, which I had not expected. This was wonderful. Jessie’s knowledge around this allowed her to share some really useful tips that I am implementing now. I felt guided throughout the session and I particularly liked the specific insight she provided to each of us about our individual experiences. It was nice to do this course as part of a group. I learnt a lot from what others shared too.” PF

“The December Detox was the best way for me to start learning how to breathe properly, I can’t wait to practice alone on what i have learnt!” MC

“I really enjoyed Jessie’s course! This kind of breathing is very powerful and I did feel some fairly strong shifts in my everyday anxiety levels! I would totally recommend this to anyone feeling anxious or with low energy levels! Be prepared to heal your past!!” SG

“Jessie has a holistic view of what she conveys, she carefully guides us through this Spring detox course. Informs us, that it is up to us how we absorb information and the exercises. But she is keen to help us to understand how it works and the benefit with it. She make us feel taken care of, both as individual and as a group. She takes the time to follow up and let us know that she is there for us all time during all three weeks. I have met a lot of teachers, she is outstanding.” Kent


Event Details

  • Date: 05/05/2021
  • Times: 19:30 - 21:30
  • Location: Zoom Online
  • Duration: 2 hours for 3 consecutive Wednesdays

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