Breathing in Nature – An Introduction to Transformational Breath® and Nature Therapy

Walking the Sacred Landscape of Ancient Mystical Avalon

Experience your own divinity with Walking, Breathing and stillness in the Sacred Landscape of Avalon

BREATHING in NATURE…A Transformational Breath® Weekend Retreat, in Glastonbury Somerset, also known as The Ancient Isle of Avalon. We will be walking the sacred landscape weaving History and Mythology with Conscious Breathing, Walking Meditations and Nature Therapy.

I shall be Facilitating a deeper connection to your inner landscape, your body, yourself and safety, by slowing down and connecting to the divinity of nature in the majestic beauty of this ancient Landscape.

You will learn how this works some of the latest research and many health benefits of spending time walking and meditating in nature. And be able to take these practices home with you to integrate into your life when you return.

We work very much as we do in a breath session learning letting go of the mind by simply just being present to the breath, the physical sensations in your body. This practice will enable you to deepen your presence to your emotions and surroundings, by simply noticing the thoughts and judgements then letting them go and deepening your gratitude for and love of your natural surroundings.

This is also the perfect opportunity to learn how to breathe more fully, to ground yourself, to feel more connected to yourself, your emotions, and your spirit. To feel a deeper and more authentic connection and appreciation and gratitude for your body and to the earth.

We will learn how to breathe, connect to nature and to receive messages and gifts from the natural elements trees, plants, elements and animals. By slowing down and learning to be still in our surroundings. Thus tuning into ourselves and life on a deeper and more profound level than ever before.

Fall back in love with yourself, with life and this beautiful planet that we call home x

Discover the science and art of Breathing in Nature xXx

Expect to walk at least 5 miles a day, receive a full immersion into the Glastonbury Landscape each morning and a full Transformational Breath® session each afternoon ……

Cost £85 per day or £150 for the weekend
Limited to 8 places
Brink a packed lunch and water bottle and wear layers of loose comfortable clothes

Food and accommodation is up to you, I recommend Pilgrims BNB £35 pp per night with full breakfast x


Event Details

  • Date: 13/10/2019
  • Times: 09:30 - 16:30
  • Location: Sunflower Healing St. Johns Old Clinic, St. Johns Square, Glastonbury. BA6 9LJ
  • Duration: 1 day

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