Breathing in Nature walking in The Sacred Landscape of Glastonbury

Transform Your Breath, Transform Your Life

This event will be the 1st event available after lockdown.

Max 6 Participants Re- Government Guidelines

Experience your own divinity by Walking, Breathing and finding stillness in the Sacred Landscape of Avalon.

Two day-long workshops can be booked together and stay for the weekend at Pilgrims BnB, Walking the original Ceremonial routes of Your ancient ancestors.

BREATHING in NATURE a Transformational Breath® Weekend Retreat in Glastonbury Somerset, also known as The Ancient Isle of Avalon. We will be walking the sacred landscape weaving History and Mythology with Conscious Breathing, Walking Meditations and slowing right down into stillness with Nature therapy.

Julie Ann an avid walker from The Pennines in the north of England, she has been walking in nature as early as she can remember, spending most childhood weekends walking over the Wild moors, Forests and Dales of The Peak District National Park with her family. Wild camping, tracking animals like local red dear and wallabies, developed a deep love for her natural surroundings. Most of her family holidays were spent camping or caravanning in the Breathtaking surroundings of Cheshire, Staffordshire, The Derbyshire Dales, North Wales and Yorkshire.

On this special weekend, Julie Ann will be sharing with you two most precious gifts of life, the breath and a deep love of nature.
Discover How to Empower & Enhance your life with Transformational Breath®

The breath is our connection to life, by making changes to the way we breathe it can have profound and lasting effects in all aspects of our life. Studies show that 90% of us are not breathing correctly, by breathing deeply we have all the oxygen we need for optimum health and detoxification.

Transformational Breath® is a loving and very powerful process of self-healing, where life changes become easy with the help of your own breath. By learning to open your breath, you can open up to MORE LIFE!

In a Transformational Breath® Session, we use The Breath, Bodywork, Sound, Presence, Coaching, Intention Setting, Invocation, Movement and Music to create profound life changes.
I shall be Facilitating a deeper connection to your inner landscape, your body, your and safety, by slowing down and connecting to the divinity of nature in the majestic beauty of this ancient Landscape.
You will learn how this works some of the latest research and many health benefits of spending time walking and meditating in nature. And be able to take these practices home with you to integrate into your life when you return.

Walking and Breathing in The Sacred Landscape of Avalon:
Friday Evening Moon Walk

2x Full Day workshops:
Sat Morning An Introduction to Transformational Breath®

9.30 am-12.30 pm Intro to Transformational breath with a full breath session

12.30- 1.30 Lunch break…. Bring food to share

Sat Afternoon guided walk silent walking meditation including The Ancient Trees of Gog & Magog following the original Ceremonial route up The Tor, unfortunately, these are the last remaining trees of the original ceremonial route up the Tor line of trees were destroyed in 1906 to make way for a farm and The Egg-stone of manifestation and said to the entrance to the underworld.

We will be stopping for Nature Therapy Sessions and sharing along the route and mini breathing sessions wherever necessary 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Sunday 9.30 am The Importance of Intention setting, 100 breaths to Joy morning meditation and therapeutic group sharing.

11am – Followed by a walk across meadows and flowing the river Brue to St Brides Mound. This is is one of the less frequented sacred places in Glastonbury, which takes its name from Bride (pronounced Breed), Brigit and Brighde (pronounced Bree-dah), the Triple Goddess of the Celts. The bride was one of the most widely worshipped Goddesses in Celtic Britain and is known as the Guardian of Wells and Springs. Furthermore, She has an affinity with Fire and is entitled Keeper of the Flame and Goddess of Fire.
Then onto Wearyall Hill & The Holy Thorn, the original thorn tree was said to have blossomed from the staff of Joseph of Arimathea whom legend says came to Glastonbury after the crucifixion.

Glastonbury was once an inland isle, surrounded by water and only connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land. Visitors to the Isle could sail up the tidal river Brue and legend tells us that on arrival, Joseph planted his staff which took root and blossomed into the now world-famous Glastonbury Thorn.

1pm, Bring a packed lunch and we will eat en- route.

Following this, we shall visit The Hospital of St Mary Magdalene a Grade II, listed building with a chapel. Parts of the original chapel still survive. A previous hospital supported by Glastonbury Abbey moved to the current site around 1250 and in 1460 was dedicated to Mary Magdalene. It is said that Mary Magdalene was really the tantric lover of Christ we will discuss and how Tantric teaching relates to Transformational Breath®, connection to our breath and why were all of the aspects of the feminine removed from Early Christian teachings.

Then we will return to Sunflower healing for a Full breath session before the day is over.

Breathing in Nature Evening Moon Walk £45.00
Each day is £95 and includes One full Transformational Breath® Session or you can pay for two days for £180

Some of the ways this work can help you…
Feel lighter and brighter
Have more energy and vitality
Improve physical health
Greater emotional wellbeing
Improved Sleep
Faster recovery from medical treatment
Better physical Performance
Release blocked emotions
Reduce Stress and anxiety
Overcome limiting beliefs
Greater mental focus and clarity
Increase Self-belief and confidence
Enhanced Creativity and Intuition
A deeper connection to Self and Nature
Integrate past hurts
Increase confidence and self-belief
Courage to live the life you choose
Greater self-awareness and personal responsibility
Manifest more Love, Joy and Abundance than you dared to dream of.

We will learn how to breathe, connect to nature and to receive messages and gifts from the natural elements trees, plants, elements and animals. By slowing down and learning to be still in our surroundings. Thus tuning into ourselves and life on a deeper and more profound level than ever before.

Fall back in love with yourself, with life and this beautiful planet that we call home.

Discover the science and art of Transformational Breath and Breathing in Nature xXx

Expect to walk up to 5 miles a day, receive a full immersion into the Glastonbury Landscape in the morning and a full Transformational Breath® session in the afternoon.
Limited to 6 places for each part
Bring a packed lunch and water bottle and wear layers of loose comfortable clothes and all-weather walking gear.
Food and accommodation are up to you, there are lots of choice in Glastonbury if you would like to stay over, I highly recommend Pilgrims BNB £35 pp per night with full breakfast x or alternatively, Apple Fairy BnB both are on Norbins Road and less than 5mins walk from Sunflower healing.




Event Details

  • Date: 24/07/2020
  • Times: 18:30 - 17:00
  • Location: Glastonbury
  • Duration: See text

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