Breathing into Now – Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ and Transformational Breath: a 2 Day Course to transform your life

Led by Senior Trainers Paul Barrett and Catharina von Bargen. Exclusive group of 6 only - booking essential

*No prerequisites – suitable for beginners and experienced*

This 2 day weekend course brings together the practice of present moment awareness as outlined in “The Power of Now” with the Transformational Breath® system.
Breath is the most powerful facilitator we have available to us. It can help us access better health, more energy, more clarity in our lives, more peaceful relationships AND give us the keys to Presence: The Power of Now.
Combining “The Power of Now” with the Transformational Breath® system allows you to anchor your understanding of Eckhart Tolle’s concepts and be able to promote emotional cleansing, the necessary first step to present moment awareness, and at the same time develop a comprehensive spiritual perspective of life in the Now.
The course is organised as an inner journey into Breath and Present Moment Awareness.

Join us on this exclusive Breathing into Now weekend with a small group of 6 only.
“The Power of Now” allows you to focus on the truly important and often overlooked dysfunction of the modern era: compulsive thinking. Eckhart Tolle’s work is based on the premise that not only can we find freedom from our own thoughts but we can also access the power of the present moment which can literally transform our lives.
In order for this to happen we have to understand that the root of our compulsive thinking is our identification with the ego. It is only when we grow our capacity to realise this and observe this that we can access other parts of our heritage: our deeper self. This work is greatly facilitated with the breath. 

“Just a breath brings in space.It’s worth more than a 100 spiritual books.” Eckhart Tolle.

Breathing Into Now: five major themes
– Is that who I am? A voice in my head? Without a doubt the most important question mankind can ask himself is : Who am I? In ancient Greece, the temple of Adelphi is adorned with two simple words that contain essential guidance for us all : “Know Thyself”. Breathing Into Now is an inner journey into the core of our identity as human beings.
– One of the major themes of the workshop is being able to identify and face your Pain Body. This is the name Eckhart Tolle gives to this energy field that can live inside us and make us do things that, in hindsight, we later regret. When you can start to observe and feel the Pain Body, you can begin to work on it. It is this familiarity of feeling which facilitates the dissolution of the Pain Body. The breath will help us considerably in this task.
– In order for us to settle into the Now and make it our habitual dwelling place, we also have to put to rest the ghosts of the future. We have to begin to feel the difference between Clock time and Psychological time. The former being our ability to plan and work out practical details in a pragmatic fashion, while the latter sends us spinning into the past or future.
The Most Important Factor that determines the quality of your future is the quality of your consciousness.
And what determines the quality of your consciousness? Your Presence in the Now!
And what can help you become more present? Conscious breathing!
– Relationships can be where we experience the most joy in our lives. But it can also be the area where we can experience the most pain. The workshop addresses the critical issue of finding the way to use relationships/conflicts/challenges as tools to help us become more conscious.
– Perhaps the second biggest question one could ask oneself. Why am I here? What is my purpose? In this module we discover how we have both an inner and an outer life purpose.
We learn to honour the Now – allowing ourselves a deeper connection to the present moment – the ONLY reality there is.

We learn to wield the Sword of Presence – saying YES to the Now.

 “Breathing Into Now” was developed by Transformational Breath® Senior Trainers Paul Barrett and Catharina von Bargen, both from the performing arts with a solid background in teaching and coaching. With Transformational Breath® their goal is to activate change in participants’ lives empowering them to live life fully on their own terms.

Their work is at the core of the transformational process itself building and strengthening what needs to be reinforced and letting go of what is no longer needed. 

Whether coaching top executives, teaching stress management to fellow artists or giving trainings, they bring the same compassion, sense of service and love of humanity to all their work. 

At the end of this 2 day Breathing into Now course you can practise a full 45 minute Transformational Breath session, Kundalini Breath exercise and 100 breaths Transformational Breath exercise at home yourself.

Cost Information: £375.
Costs include: Tuition and all course materials.


Event Details

  • Date: 19/10/2019
  • Times: 09:00 - 18:30
  • Location: Alexandra Park, London. N22 7AA
  • Duration: Saturday 19th October-Sunday 20th October 2019

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