Calm in the Chaos – Transformational Breath® Workshop

Get ready to de-stress, unwind and step into the weekend uplifted and energised with conscious breathwork!

What you seek is also seeking you. Confidence, peace, love, fulfilment or anything else you desire – all lies within reach – and more specifically – within YOU! The voice of your intuition speaks quietly, so the key to accessing it is to slow down, way way down.

Breathwork re-connects you to the core of who you are. It helps you understand what is truly important to you, and supports you to become more present with your family and the people you care about. It’s a gateway to understanding your behaviour patterns and beliefs and assists you to make more empowered choices.

Benefits include:
Enhanced physical wellbeing
Reduce stress
Gain energy
Reduce anxiety
Feel lighter
Emotional balance
Self awareness
Better sleep
Emotional release
Overcome limiting beliefs
Feel calm and relaxed

Instead of going faster and doing more, sometimes it’s more effective to pause and reflect. Take a deep breath. Come back to your centre and reset.

It’s my absolute pleasure to guide you on a deep inwards journey to uncover your own answers, those that have been present all along but hidden from view.

During the workshop we’ll cover:

The background of Transformational Breath®
Why breathing is so important to your health and wellbeing
What Transformational Breath® is and how to practice it
A demonstration of the technique
Experience a full Transformational Breath® session
Q&A’s and sharing your experience (not compulsory)
A home practice exercise to take away with you

I truly believe breathwork is one of the most powerful and effective tools for personal empowerment and self-healing. Whether you’d love to reconnect with yourself, release the past, be more present, overcome limiting beliefs, or create your inspired life vision, breathwork has transformed every aspect of my life and I know with certainty it can gift you the same freedom.

Join us for a Friday night in the city with a difference!


About the organiser:

Born and bred in the English countryside, Philippa is a corporate escapee, life explorer and breathwork facilitator. Her existential crisis led to a path of self exploration, deciding to quit ‘normal life’ in 2014 and break out of the ‘small beige box’ she found herself in to discover her true purpose. Living in Brazil was the perfect antidote to her western conditioning and provided the space to explore and train in Transformational Breath®, a style of therapeutic breathwork. She is the founder of Breathworks, a coach and retreat leader, and travels the world empowering people to use conscious breathing techniques to achieve their greatest potential.


I’d never heard of breathwork as a practice before and was instantly intrigued. As someone who frequently suffers from anxiety and is easily stressed, I’m always open to alternative therapies that might be able to help.Once the session was over I felt like a weight had been lifted off me. I felt a lot more confident about myself, like my voice was a little bit louder and that I had the right to my own opinion – Leah Jane

Very powerful stuff. During the session I experienced incredible physical sensations and my mind travelled to another place. A very beautiful one, full of endless possibilities. I look forward to exploring this work further – Lisa


Who can attend?
There are no pre-requisites, just a smile and an open heart and mind
Over 18s only
Spaces are limited to 12 people – Book to avoid disappointment!
What to bring & wear
During the breathing session itself you will be lying down. Please wear loose, comfortable, unrestrictive clothing and bring a bottle of water with you. For extra comfort you are welcome to bring a pillow and a blanket with you.
Note – We highly recommend avoiding caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes or a heavy meal before and after the session.


Tickets are non-refundable. However, if you are unable to attend we are happy to transfer the ticket to another person with 48 hours notice.



Event Details

  • Date: 17/01/2020
  • Times: 19:00 - 21:15
  • Location: The Light Centre - Monument
  • Duration: 2h 15m

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