Residential – Transformational Breath®️seminar run by senior trainer Vincent Oloo at The Open Pathway Retreat Centre. Queen Camel Somerset – Friday 12th July – Wednesday 17th July 2024


Breathe in Freedom

Join Vincent Oloo, senior trainer from Kenya who has been teaching transformational breath for 17 years.  He is qualified to teach all levels from seminar to 4b.  He is absolutely passionate about breathwork and teaches on a one to one basis back in Kenya as well as running all levels of Transformational Breath® and workshops there.  He also voluntarily visits a cancer hospital once a week to give breathwork sessions to patients.  He has a wonderful manner and will put everyone at ease from the first moment.  He has an easy going style of teaching and is always ready for some laughter as well as the serious bits!

Breathe in freedom is what transformational breath® is all about.  It frees you from any past event that may be bothering you, helps you to move forward confidently in your life, brings peace and joy and all sorts of other benefits from physical through mental and emotional to spiritual.

  The Seminar Program (levels 1-3)

The programme content includes

  • 2-3 professionally facilitated Transformational Breath® sessions every day.
  • A deep understanding of breathing analysis including demonstrations.
  • Integration of unconsciously held negative emotional charges or beliefs.
  • Resolution of negative programming and family patterns.
  • Dyadic Soul Communication.
  • Forgiveness and inner child breathwork exercises.
  • Toning and sound healing.
  • Breath and movement.
  • Water session
  • Self-breathwork Sessions.
  • Partnered breathwork sessions.
  • Mirror breathwork Session.
  • Advanced breathwork to access higher states of consciousness.

And you will leave at the end of the six days with the tools and skills to enhance your everyday life including

  • Understanding how breathing effects your physical and mental body.
  • Confidence in how and when to use breathing exercises.
  • Recognising how your breath pattern reflects your life experience.
  • Awareness of when situations or experiences affect your breath pattern.
  • How to make positive changes by using your breath during every day life .
  • Five Rites daily yoga practise.
  • 100 breaths daily practise.
  • How and when to use Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ to resolve inner conflict.
  • The Abundance Programme.
  • How to self-body map.
  • How to give yourself a Transformational Breath® session.

There are no pre-requisites, you only need to bring yourself with an open mind and a willingness to embrace positive transformation.

This training is offered as a fully residential programme allowing us to retreat and immerse ourselves in the true joy of breathing.  Arriving by 3pm on the 15th July 2024 we will introduce the course and then get to know each other over dinner.  From the Tuesday through to Saturday afternoon (departure time around 2 -230 pm) we will start first thing with a meditation and go through each day till 6.00 (on some days this might be extended after supper) with a nice long lunch break where you can explore the grounds.

Seminar Venue

The seminar will be held at the Open Pathway to Peace, Laurel Lane, Queen Camel, Somerset BA22 7NU Tel: 01935 850266 which is a 17th century house 7 miles north of Yeovil, down in Somerset, with various surrounding buildings used for accommodation.  The spacious grounds feature wonderful gardens and walks around the area and various spots to just sit down and take in the beauty.

The week’s training will be held in a beautiful room where you will feel cosy and relaxed.  There are some other rooms to just go and sit quietly as well.

There is a swimming pool which will be used for a breath session later in the week so please bring your swimming togs. You don’t have to be able to swim.  One free session on your own may be booked as well.

As it’s a residential course you must stay at the Centre.


  • The fee is £1850.00 (single room shared bathroom)
  • Early bird fee till April 30th 2024 £1700 – full payment must be made to take advantage of this.

There are no refunds once booked and paid for.


Please contact to enquire and receive a registration form.


The nearest train stations to Queen Camel are either Sherborne or Castle Cary.  If you go to the you will find a list of taxi providers from both stations and some photos and information about the centre.

We look forward to meeting you all at the course.

Facilitator Interns who are looking for staffing experience will receive a very warm welcome – please get in touch.


Event Details

  • Date: 12/07/2024
  • Times: 15:00 - 14:30
  • Location: Open Pathway Retreat Centre, Queen Camel, Somerset
  • Duration: 6 days

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