Edinburgh Breathes presents: Transformational Breath® Personal Development Seminar Levels 1 – 3

An intensive week of deep personal transformation with Transformational Breath ®, one of the worlds leading techniques for personal healing & change Discover

Discover how your breath is the key to unlocking your full potential

Experience the benefits and application of deep, connected breathing

with 12 fully facilitated Transformational Breath® sessions

Learn how the way you breathe shapes the way you live and start

making the changes you want to transform your life

Learn powerful tools to start or enhance your own self-breathing

practice including Breath Awareness, Breath Analysis, Body

Mapping, Toning and much, much more

About Transformational Breath®

Transformational Breath® is a simple yet profound self-healing practice which utilises

an open-connected breath pattern to create physical, mental, emotional and

spiritual wellbeing.

Practicing Transformational Breath® can:

· Help you feel more energised and revitalised

· Detoxify your body to improve your health and wellbeing

· Improve circulation and strengthen your immune system

· Improve mental clarity & focus

· Release anxiety and alleviate depression

· Resolve past trauma and release emotional baggage

· Accelerate personal growth and development

· Develop a new dimension to your yoga or meditation practice

· Help cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and others

· Create a new sense of freedom and possibility in your life

About the Transformational Breath® Seminar

The Transformational Breath® Personal Development Seminar Week is an immersive

6-day transformational experience. It gives participant the opportunity to complete

the first 3 modules of the Transformational Breath Foundation training programme –

Physical, Mental/Emotional and Spiritual in a single week.

Over the week you will learn to harness the power of you breath to create the life

you want to live. You will learn how your own unique breathing pattern affects your

life and leave with new tools and techniques to continue your experience of this

transformational path.

Our Venue

The programme is fully residential located at Purelands Retreat Centre, part of the

Samye Ling Buddhist Centre, Scotland’s oldest Buddhist Monastery. Accommodation

is single bed dormitory style and all meals are vegetarian.


Event Details

  • Date: 29/03/2019
  • Times: 5pm Friday 29th March - 2pm Wednesday 3rd April
  • Location: Purelands Retreat Centre, Samye Ling Buddhist Centre, Eskdalemuir,Langholm, Dumfriesshire DG130QL Scotland
  • Duration: Friday 29th March - Wednesday 3rd April

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