Glastonbury Breathing Circle Monthly Group – Daytime

Surrender and Trust

BY request from a few Mum’s I’ve created this new class just for YOU x Let me know if this works for you this month and we can always adjust the times x

Monthly Group breathe and sharing circle…
Transformational Breath® is a global breathwork success story, it’s the most comprehensive and cutting edge breathing system available on the planet today. With thousands of professional facilitators helping people to improve their health and well-being around the globe.

By breathing better we can potentially be living 80% better, simply by changing the way that we breathe. How amazing is that, we can change our lives by changing the way that we breathe!

Join us at GLASTONBURY BREATHING CIRCLE, this is a once a month ‘Community Opportunity’ to experience a flavour of Transformational Breath at a reduced rate. A safe space where you will find therapeutic support to go as deeply as you like x

BREATHING CIRCLE is a regular WORLDWIDE monthly group on the last Tuesday of the month, Julie Ann was one of the original breathing circle facilitators

This IBF International Breath Foundation Synchronised Day is coordinated with 100’s of other groups around the globe.This will be the 97th Global Breathing Circle, and the group is suitable for anyone curious about the breath – All levels & backgrounds welcome We will be setting intentions Personally, for our community and for the world and breathing together with thousands of other conscious breathers around the planet.

7.00 pm -10.30 pm £15 per person
BOOKING ESSENTIAL space is limited x

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This month’s Theme from the founder of Breathing Circle Natalia Brown.
I have been greatly inspired by the theme of Surrender for the month of March, since reading the brilliantly channelled guidance from LENA STEVENS, who is featured by MysticMama for March 2017. Lena writes:

“SURRENDER is a word that tends to trigger a definition of failure as if we are surrendering to the enemy and as if we have failed in something we believed in and have been striving for.

“Our definition of SURRENDER for the month is a giving up, a release of a stance, position, or belief that we have stubbornly held onto for way beyond its useful and practical life.

“It is time to let go of what should have been, could have been and what ought to be in the future.

“It is time to SURRENDER our anger, our resistance, our judgement and our need to know.”

I think these are fabulous intentions for a breathwork session

Breath Circle

Event Details

  • Date: 16/03/2017
  • Times: 11am - 2pm
  • Location: Loveinthebreath 32 St Brides Close Glastonbury
  • Duration: 3.5 hrs

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