Introduction to Transformational Breath with Rebecca Dennis and Live Music from Antarma

Rebecca Dennis is delighted to be collaborating with Antarma for a powerful journey with breathwork and sound. You will learn and experience the deep healing benefits of Transformational Breath and practice this safe, dynamic healing breathwork. This can help you let go of unhealthy breathing habits, such as shallow breathing, have a deeper understanding of breath patterns and release both physical and emotional tension from the body. You will feel more energised, gain access to suppressed thoughts and emotions which can then be integrated and cleared. This can dramatically shift the way you feel in your body and bring higher states of awareness. Rebecca Dennis, author of And Breathe, workshop leader and breath coach is the founder of

Antarma’s music spreads joy and uplifting energy. Heart opening songs on guitar, Ecstatic Afro Brazilian Djembe Rhythms, Soul, Reggae and Hiphop. With the blessing of his Guru In South India, he shares Mantra and Meditation. He has been on the path of Meditation for 17 years and has over 10 years experience teaching Djembe Drumming, Kids Yoga Meditation and Guitar.


TIME : 2 – 5pm

INDABA YOGA, 16 Hayes Place, Marylebone, NW1

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  • Date: 23/11/2018

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