Introduction to Transformational Breath®

Learn the Power of your Breath

Join Ella in small group informal setting to experience this ground breaking and powerful conscious breathing technique that will open up your respiratory capacity in order to help you feel energised, lighter and more focused. Most of us use only between 25 – 35% of our respiratory capacity and yet our bodies get 70% of our energy via breathing, 70% of detoxification also happens via respiration. Given those stats is it any wonder that you may feel lethargic, weighed down and experience mind fog? The good news is, there is a way to help you help yourself in turning this around.

In this 2.5-hour workshop, you will learn how the Transformational Breath® that will start to break down and remove the physical and energetic blocks to breathing that you have developed over your lifetime to make way for you to experience more freedom both in your breath and your life. You will learn the crucial importance of proper breathing to your health and wellbeing physically, emotionally and spiritually. The workshop will show you how we all have a unique breathing pattern, that affects how we process information and live our lives and by altering and breaking down this pattern we are able to open out our breath and in turn our life experience. This work can be very powerful and effect immediate, profound and lasting change that positively benefits you in many ways.

This evening is £40 and places are limited so please contact me to book your space.


Event Details

  • Date: 08/11/2018
  • Times: 19:00 - 21:30
  • Location: Perrett Gardens, Hertford, Herts, SG14 2LW
  • Duration: Two & half hours

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