Level 4a Professional Training Programme, in the Heart of Avalon 2020

The next step in your Personal and Professional life

Becoming a breath facilitator is a development step based on the following statement……

“Your quality as a breath facilitator is related to your quality as a human being.”

You will go through a powerful alchemical process on this Transformational Breath ® Training both Personally and Professionally, after your Seminar you may feel called to go further.

Pre-requisite: Transformational Breath® Seminar week or levels 1,2 and 3 personal training.

Location: Glastonbury has been a spiritual mecca since before records began, Pre-Christians worshipped here visiting the wells on this beautiful land known as Avalon, the whole area is riddled with mythology and legend.

Week 1, Level 4a : We create the framework for you to feel comfortable as a Transformational Breath® facilitator by introducing the tools and techniques giving you the confidence to work with people when you leave. This includes exchanging and observing many breathing sessions, with a lot of attention to the details Transformational Breath®. Including intensive practising with Body Mapping, Breathing Analysis, Sacred Sound / toning, affirmations, intention setting and innovations. You gain a personal tutor and the powerful Miracle Consciousness meditation programme to clear deep imprinting and create the world you want.

Week2, Level 4b: Leaving 6 months to work with case studies is preferable then introducing Transformational Coaching, client behaviour and patterns, will make sense from your experience of already working with clients. Working with more than one client, babies and children , practice clinic with the public and a final exam. Apprenticeship includes assisting on workshops and trainings anywhere in the world to gain a breadth of experience and confidence.

Week 3 Level5: Once your facilitator certification requirements are fulfilled you can go onto this ‘Workshop Leader’ week Training , presentation skills, space holding, group-work and including giving talks and working with children.


Event Details

  • Date: 14/03/2020
  • Times: 10:30 - 13:30
  • Location: The Avalon Centre, 1 King Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9JX, Somerset, United Kingdom
  • Duration: 7 Days

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