Level 4a Transformational Breath® Professional Training Programme Glastonbury 2020

“Your quality as a breath facilitator is related to your quality as a human being.”

This training to become a Breath facilitator is a development step in your life, the whole training is based on the following statement…

“Your quality as a breath facilitator is related to your quality as a human being.”

You have the key to the next stage of your life in your hand now!

Level 4a and Level 4b can be that next step in your personal life…
As well as being able to start your own practice as a Transformational Breath® Facilitator.

One participant of an earlier training said: “Coaching with the breath is guiding people to their inner light, and as their light shines mine shines, even more, this is so enlightening I feel one with the whole universe”

Prerequisite for this course is having done a Transformational Breath® Seminar week or levels I, II and III of personal training.

Location: Glastonbury has been a place of pilgrimage since before records began, Pre-Christian religions worshipped here, ancient Goddess, Druids visited the wells on this beautiful land known as Avalon, once an island.

The whole area is riddled with mythology and legend, it’s said that King Arthur, and Guinevere, are buried in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey. This same Abbey ruins cradle the birth of the Christian church in England, its believed Christ himself visited the town in his early years with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea, who after his death returned and planted the crown of thorns in the ground where a thorn bush still grows today.

Glastonbury is said to be the Heart Chakra of the planet and the revival of the Ancient Goddess Religion was born here. It’s known to be a place of High Vibrational Energies, a powerful vortex on the planetary grid, sitting right on top of the Mary and Michael Lay-lines.

I personally believe that is the perfect place in England to be doing this beautiful and loving work, breathing into our bellies, receiving the compassionate and nurturing energy of The Goddess in this green and pleasant land.

If your heart feels called, please book your place as soon as possible.

Your Facilitators:

This Training will be presented by Vincent Oloo Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Senior Trainer from Nairobi Kenya and assisted by Julie Ann Horrox Co-Trainer from the UK both are fully Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitators.

Basic Teaching and embodying principles of this Training:  Next presuppositions are the basis for your work as a facilitator and you will be trained to a high standard and deep level during all the 2 training weeks.


Everyone can breathe and can have a full connected breath

We have a physical body to help us experience who we are and express our Spiritual nature

Breathing better creates a better life, more energy, health, and balance


Perception is projection

Being in the now requires being free of ego (mind)

Our breathing reflects how we live our life- physical is the effect and not the cause


Integrate emotions through entrainment

Store emotions in the body and subconscious mind

One true emotion – Love


We have unlimited potential

Transformational Breathing® facilitates our connection to Spirit Overview of the whole training

As soon as Level 4a week starts you will experience a lot of practical exercises. The training is based on your practical work as a facilitator and besides this, you will receive the correct theory including a printed manual. Doing and practising is the main way of learning during this first weeks training, from the basics to all the practical tools you need to become a professional breath facilitator all happens in this way and it will be an important key for you to begin working with clients when you leave for home.

A brief overview of

6-day Seminar or Levels 1,2 & 3 Weekends £1200
Learn the fundamentals of Transformational Breath®
Clear emotional blockages with 12 facilitated sessions
Gain the knowledge required to gift yourself
Transformational Breath® sessions at home, your most powerful tool for wellbeing

PROFESSIONAL FACILITATOR TRAINING Levels 4a & b (7 days each) £1500 each week
Learn how to facilitate sessions and hold sacred space
An interactive hands-on approach to learning
Give and receive facilitated 1-1 breathwork sessions
Understand body mechanics & the anatomy of breathing
Learn how to apply body mapping, analyse breathing
Patterns and working with intention
Followed by a period of internship and mentoring
to support you towards becoming a Certified
Transformational Breath Facilitator.

Level 5 TRAINING £2300 7 days ( not available in Glastonbury)
Public speaking and workshop leader skills, for those who wish to run workshops or to become Transformational Breath® Trainers.

Payment plan’s can be arranged for the Course Training Fee’s Levels 1 to 4 in Glastonbury, this  is something that we can agree on to suit each person’s individual requirements, for example splitting a course fee into 3 parts over a few months or for example a monthly payment plan over a year, depending on what is affordable to you.

The offer of a payment plan is for the training fee’s which are above, Food and accommodation is a separate cost which has to be paid before the event commences so that everyone who is taking care of us so beautifully can be paid on time.

Most people take a minimum of around  2-4 yrs to complete this whole programme which includes all the internship, reading, mentoring, practice sessions, level 5 is optional.

All the levels are available in Glastonbury during 2020 with the exception of level 5.
The dates are as follows…

Levels 123 Seminar  4-9 Jan 2020
Level 4a 14-20 March 2020
Levels 123 Seminar 8-13 Aug 2020
Level 4b 24-30 Sept 2020

You can also take these training modules anywhere else in the world, all the training prices are the same. Only the cost and quality of the food and accommodation will vary depending on the country. As part of your training. You need to assist on Levels 1,2 & 3 twice and a level 4a or 4b within a year you can again do these in the Uk or in anywhere else in the world, just the cost of your food and accommodation, this is a great opportunity to travel learn and gain experience.

Week 1, Level 4a: During this week we Create the framework for you to build on as a Transformational Breath® facilitator by doing several exercises based on a structure in logical levels.

You will be introduced to the basic principles and theory of Transformational Breath® and you make the steps to see yourself as being a breath facilitator. You will exchange several breathing sessions, with a lot of attention to the details of the technique of Transformational Breath®. There will be intensive practising with the technique of Body Mapping, knowledge of these points is very useful in working with clients and is one of the things that makes this technique unique and powerful. How and when to use toning, affirmations, intention setting and innovations.

During the week you will be also be introduced to a powerful meditation program, based on Miracle Consciousness. It is proven that meditation is a very strong tool in health care and making contact with an expansion of possibilities and qualities which are already within you. In this way, you can create the world you want.

Your investment and planning: Your investment for Level 4A is £1500 per week. If you pay well in advance you will get a discount of 10% Early bird before Dec 2019. Payment plans are available, please ask for details.

A non-refundable deposit of £500 is required

For further information please contact Julie Ann Horrox

Telephone: +44 (0)7967308695

Email: jah@loveinthebreath.com


Refund Policy:

Please note: The organiser should be paid the net amount for her workshop/Training/delegate rate. All costs for transfers of funds must be paid by yourself in full.
Deposit of £500 Required that is non-refundable.


Event Details

  • Date: 09/09/2019
  • Times: 10:30 - 14:30
  • Location: Glastonbury
  • Duration: 6 days

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