Level IV-A Hybrid Training

Level 4a Hybrid


Level IV-A with Dr Judith Kravitz the founder of Transformational Breath.

Level IV-A: This is the first part of the Transformational Breath® Certified Facilitator Training.

16 – 23 November 2022

This event is a “hybrid” Level 4 Part A – the start of the Professional Training Path. Attendance at a seminar (Levels 1, 2 and 3) is required to register. The event merges IN-PERSON LOCAL points with a group ONLINE gathering led by Dr Judith Kravitz. We are holding the in-person teaching at Benburb Priory, Northern Ireland, and it will be supported by Senior Trainer and TBF National Leader UK, Brian Williams.

During this seven-day training you will develop the skills to work with individual clients; learn body mapping, breathing analysis, psycho-spiritual counselling, the significant areas integrated by Transformational Breath®, the dynamics of a Transformational Breath® session, and the role of the facilitator.

At the same time, you will go deeper in your own process by strengthening your daily practice, understanding of miracle consciousness, and learning to observe your projections and reflections on the people around you. You will have a daily breathing exercise and a full facilitated session.

The best way to learn Transformational Breath® is by practising the technique. This is a hands-on training where everything will be taught by Dr Judith Kravitz and then practised under the guidance of Brian and Lucy Williams and their team.

Level 4 is our Professional Facilitator Training Course. Level 4 has a specialised focus on Facilitator skills and experience in becoming a professional in Transformational Breath®, and leading eventually to certification.

Join this special event, and receive direct instruction from Dr Judith Kravitz the creator of this tool. Experience the personal hands-on breathing facilitation with Brian and Lucy and their team in the stunning surroundings of Benburb Priory.

The course fee for the 7-day training is $2200 (US Dollars). An Early Bird discount of 10% is available for bookings before 1 September 2022. Payments in dollars can be paid by PayPal, Bank transfer or credit card.

The accommodation at Benburb Priory for seven nights including all meals and snacks costs £450 (UK Pounds).

The training is being held in Benburb Priory, Northern Ireland.  The priory is a magical place with wonderful clear energy in the middle of a historic landscape www.benburbpriory.com  It is located in beautiful woodlands, through which flows the Blackwater River, with many nature walks. Benburb will be in a riot of autumn colours of yellows, reds and brown. The accommodation is of a simple but comfortable standard with all rooms being single occupancy. All meals and tea breaks are included in the cost and special dietary and access needs are provided for.

Northern Ireland is easily accessible by air and sea and there are two airports in Belfast and Dublin Airport is ideal for international travellers. The venue is easily accessible by public transport, affordable taxis and by car.  Participants should arrive in time for dinner at 6 p.m. on Wednesday 16 November and the course will close by 3.30p.m. on Wednesday 23 November 2022.


To register contact Lucy Williams by email at lucy@lucywilliamsbreathwork.com or by telephone at +44 (0)7855 938235


Event Details

  • Date: 17/11/2022
  • Times: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Location: Benburb Priory, Northern Ireland
  • Duration: 7 days

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