Levels 1,2 & 3 Transformational Breath® Seminar Nairobi

The power of Transformational Breath® enables you to face your fears and release them with ease and grace, in a safe and loving environment.

Six-day Personal Training Retreat at Manyika house, a beautiful private colonial farmhouse, located on its own coffee plantation, just 45km from Nairobi.

with Vincent Oloo Senior Trainer from Kenya and Julie Ann Horrox, Co-Trainer from the UK, both Trained By Judith Kravitz and have over 35yrs experience as Professional Breathwork Practitioners between them.

This personal Training seminar is designed for your personal growth by learning to give yourself Award-Winning Transformational Breath® Sessions. It’s also your first Training step toward Professional Certification This exciting and powerful course is open to complete beginners and experienced breathers alike.

On this course, you will be guided to explore your own breath and discover your own unique breathing pattern. You will understand how it is that your breathing reflects what’s going on for you at the subconscious level because your breath reveals the way you embrace life. You will learn to use your breath to set yourself free from all the hidden, suppressed emotions that sabotage your life. You will also learn to surrender, and allow this simple and powerful vehicle opens you to your own boundless self and the joy that you already are.

Amongst other things, we will take a closer look at the workings of the mind through the work of Byron Katie. We will play with the Abundance Programme and understand how our mind can be ‘reprogrammed’ to allow us to open to our abundance on all levels.

This is your invitation to continue to reclaim your breath and master your most powerful tool. If your heart feels called, please book your place as soon as possible.

Reasons for Joining this Seminar could be …

You wish to be more successful in whatever you do!

You feel called to aim for greater things in life and need help to reach higher!

Your breath feels restricted or do you feel held back in any way by your past, thoughts or emotions!

What’s Included…

2-3 Professionally Facilitated Transformational Breath® Sessions every day.
A deeper understanding of Breathing Analysis including Demonstrations.
Integration of unconsciously held negative emotional charges.
Resolution of negative programming and Family patterns.
Dyadic Soul Communication.
Toning & Sound Healing.
Breath and Movement.
Hot Tub Warm Water Breathing
Self-Breathing Sessions.
Partnered Breathing sessions.
Mirror Breathing Session.
Advanced Breaths to the Access Higher States of Consciousness.
Insights and inspirations beyond your imagination!

Tools to take away with you and use again and again include

5 Rites Daily yoga practice,
The fountain of youth.
The Forgiveness Exercise.
Byron Katie’s “The Work”
The Abundance Program.
Learning how to self-body-map.
Giving Yourself Transformational Breath® Sessions.
And lots more besides

Benefits Include …

Physically… Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns and gain relaxation, enhanced detoxification which leads to more Joy, Energy, and Vitality. Our breath is our connection to life and therefore to the amount of good we are willing to receive in life

Mentally ..…6 Days of breathing brings peace of mind, relieve stress and anxiety, ease panic attacks & depression, recalibrates thought patterns that no longer serve you, leaving space for enhanced creativity and can provide you with more mental clarity and quietens the monkey mind.

Emotionally…Creates permanent resolution by freeing repressed emotions and negativity, held in the body/mind. Regain access to inner peace, insight’s and develop greater compassion for yourself and others.

Spiritually…Used to access higher levels of awareness. Experience fully connect with your inner being and open up to unique experiences, which will provide you with powerful insights and guide you into higher levels of consciousness.

Your Facilitators:

This Training will be presented by Vincent Oloo Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Senior Trainer from Nairobi Kenya and assisted by Julie Ann Horrox Co-Trainer from the UK both are fully Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitators.

Your investment:

£1,200 (tuition, course material) + food/accommodation/delegate rate, see below.

A £400 non-refundable deposit secures your place.

Some payment plans are available if full payment is too much of a stretch for you, please ask for details.

For more details and booking Pls Contact vincent@breathe-africa.com

Training Venue:
see www.manyikahouse.com more details to follow

Arrival times: Participants: 10 am to Register for a 10.30am Start.
Interns: (Facilitators in Training) 6.30pm Sunday 24th Jan team meeting

Food and Accommodation:
There is an additional charge for these details to follow
see www.manyikahouse.com more details to follow

Followed by a 3-day safari more details to follow…


Event Details

  • Date: 25/11/2019
  • Times: 10:00 - 15:30
  • Location: Nairobi
  • Duration: 6 days

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