Monthly Breathing Circle Online for experienced breathers

Transform Your Breath, Transform Your Life

90 minute Transformational Breath® Session for experienced breathers i.e. having done at least 3 sessions of Transformational Breath® before.

These self-empowering sessions will support you to connect more deeply to your own divinity, the love that you already are and receive the nurturing, guidance, support and inspiration you need during these challenging times.

Julie Ann is a fully certified breath Coach with over 20 yrs experience of conscious breathwork, each session will be a unique journey with a theme of LOVE receiving, giving and vibrating at a high frequency of Miracle Consciousness, to assist in the birthing of humanity into the New Earth.

Last Wednesday of every month.

7pm – 9pm

Cost £20 working/£15 low-wage /£10 benefits

We are using a modified online version of Transformational Breath®, to respond to the current situation of the world and the needs of individuals right now. The process will follow the same background principles of 1-1 sessions that you will have experienced with or another Transformational Breath Facilitator before.

You must have participated in at least 3 Transformational Breath Sessions 1-1 or in a group setting to participate in BREATHING in LOVE Circles. And agree to take responsibility for your personal process, if you are less experienced you may wish to have someone at home with you or someone you can call if you encounter challenge emotions.

Booking via Eventbrite, you will receive the Zoom details upon booking:

Booking Online:

• Please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Zoom

• Wear comfortable clothes and loosen belt and bra.

• Prepare your space: Make sure it is warm enough.

• Have several pillows, a blanket, mouth-piece and a belly bag

• A glass of water, as well as, tissues and handy.

• Position your camera in a way that you are visible so that you can be guided in a safe that I can see your whole body.

• Make sure you will not be disturbed: Inform others in the house that you are doing a session, close the door, switch off your phone/doorbell.

• Before the session: Go the toilet, avoid consuming any alcohol or intoxicating substances and do not eat a large meal.

1-1 Sessions:

If you have not done Transformational Breath® before I am offering online sessions at a time to suit you. For anyone who is breathing with me for the first time please note that you need to commit to at least 3x 60 minute sessions. During your very first online session with me please allow an extra 15 minutes at the start of your session for me to explain some self-facilitation to you.

You can book 121 sessions here ….

Breath Circle

Event Details

  • Date: 25/11/2020
  • Times: 19:00 - 21:00
  • Location: Zoom
  • Duration: 2hrs

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