NEW BEGINNINGS Taking the breath deeper and including Ritual, Archetypes and Shadow work

Sewing the seeds of our intentions and allowing them to grow in the fertile earth, warmed by the springtime sunshine.

The pagan Festival of Beltane is on the first day of May, after this, we enter into the most fertile part of the year, the soil is warming up ready to receive the seeds of your consciousness. We shall be sewing the seeds of our future, our dreams and our desires. We will be focusing on THE NEW BEGINNINGS that we want to create in our lives.

All too often we bury our true light for fear of standing out from the crowd, or for being criticized for shining too bright. So we will gently allow our seeds to emerge from the dark shadows of our psyche, where they have been hiding. We will use shadow work to reveal what has been hiding in our subconscious mind and slowly allow them to emerge into the light of the spring.

Safe space will be held for breath meditations and group sharing so that together we can draw out what is foremost in our hearts and our minds. Giving equal importance to and honouring the weeds and brambles that have caught us up and kept us stuck, those people, places and things that have been out biggest lessons and our teachers, we will hour them and let them go with our breath x

You will learn how Transformational Breath® can help you in this process of sowing seeds and creating New Beginnings. What is it? What does it do? How does it work? What can Transformational breath do for me? What would you like to weed out of your life? To leave space in your garden for the seeds to grow? How can the breath help us to do this?

We will be planting the seeds of what we wish to grow in our gardens this summer and focusing on what would like to ripen and fruit at Harvest time. Our Ancestors have worked with the pagan calendar like this, for many generations, making the connection of what is happening on the earth to what happens in our body, mind, psyche as the seasons change.

A long time before the Romans and the Christian church arrived on this land. The first christens were a blend of Druids and Essenes. The template of the old Druidic wheel of the year can still be seen and felt in the church calendar today. Easter came from The Goddess Ostara, Lamas became Harvest festival and Winter solstice has become Christmas.

Transformational breath like nature itself embraces all religious and belief’s and doctrines and this workshop is open to anyone, all are welcome xXx

Two different day Workshops can be taken individually or as a weekend.
£85 each or £150 for both
Limited to 8 places only, so that we can work deeply and intimately.


Event Details

  • Date: 30/06/2018
  • Times: 10am - 5pm
  • Location: Sunflower HealingThe Old Clinic, St Johns Square, BA6 9LJ, Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom
  • Duration: 7 hrs, one for lunch

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