One Day Transformational Breath® Workshop – The 2020 Plan

The 2020 Plan

2020 is a year energetically and astrologically which brings monumental change with it. Potent cosmic energy with the influences of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter setting the tone for the start of a new decade of a vibrational shifting planet. Rising consciousness, spiritual growth and ascension causing the darkness to fall away so that we are ready to align with the cosmos. We are given the impetus to let go not only of who we are, who we have been but also what we have expected we will be. A total surrender as the world around us changes we have a responsibility to change our own personal world by claiming self responsibility for our lives, decisions and how the world is run.

Join me to firmly, decisively and consciously set up your year, and the start to your new decade in a way that allows you to make space for the development of your magnificence. Clear your way to move forward and be empowered for your levelling up on your OWN terms for YOUR GOOD; BE YOU AND DO YOU instead of life doing you. Be supported in living on purpose!


Transformational Breath®

A day structed around your breath – the unmistakable key to your life experience – until you own your relationship with your breath, you will find that life will have an uncanny way of owning you. Owning your breath hands you the tools to reclaiming the potential in all aspects of your life – physically, mentally and emotionally. There is nothing else that supplants this relationship – it is inimitable in connecting you to the underpinning to instrument to your best physical, mental emotional and spiritual health. Make no mistake understanding where you have had to adapt your breathing to manage, cope and feel safe from the trials life has handed you and being able to integrate these restrictions and holding patterns introduces to freedoms that may seems impossible until you experience them. Through 2 Transformational Breath® Sessions you will start to unravel your intricate and uniquely specific breathing pattern thus opening you up to life.


Using simple and effective exercises to cognitively engage your thoughts and intentions we will examine the areas of your life which you would like to give more focus and attention in order to create more meaning. When aiming for specific results or changes in behavioural patterns to move in the direction of what your heart desires free from habitual restrictions of the past engaging our thoughts is a priceless in reinforcing our intentions. With a coaching framework you can create a plan to help you direct your milestones and accountability focus throughout 2020 to help keep you on track for this year and beyond.

Visualisation Meditation

Visualisation is a technique that has been proven to be extraordinarily successful in producing specific outcomes. Research and studies show that the brain does not know the difference between imagining something or actually doing it. So by visualising successful completion of a desired result we enable both the brain and body to become responsive and conditioned to that particular result. Neurons in our brains interpret imagery as equivalent to a real-life action or event this primes us to act in the way we have envisioned. Visualisation is essential to transformation and moving forward because it will keep you anchored to your goal and increase your chances of achieving it with the greatest ease and flow.

When and Where:

Our day will take place at the Lea Samantha School of Dance in Hertford, a spacious venue perfect for this work. As this session is on New Year’s Day you will catapult yourself into your New Year and the New Decade as you mean to go on, no waiting for the 1st of the month to pass for you to join the trip, but moving forward on your best foot, with the best of intentions.

Please contribute to a shared vegetarian/vegan lunch as part of the group offering.

Investment: £130.


Event Details

  • Date: 01/01/2020
  • Times: 10:00 - 17:00
  • Location: Lea Samantha Walsh School of Dancing, Unit 1 Dicker Mill, Hertford, SG13 7AE
  • Duration: 7 hours

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