Professional Facilitator Training Programme – Level IV (Part B) led by guest Senior Trainer Nadja Benschop MD

Second part of the Transformational Breath Foundation Professional Development Training Programme

This week-long course, with Nadja Benschop and Nathalie Montille, is the second part of the two-week training programme that leads to professional certification. It is the onward journey that will allow you to deepen in your understanding of this powerful modality in order to serve others. The course is open to graduates of Level IVA.

Now that you may have had a chance to start practising the skills acquired on the first part of the course, and witnessed the difference this powerful work can make in somebody’s breath, hence their life, you get to deepen in the work as you develop more Facilitator skills necessary to become a professional in this work:

In-depth personal tutoring and mentoring

Knowledge, skills, and application of Transformational Breath® on a
professional level, through exposure, with immediate feedback

Advanced breathing analysis techniques

Enlightened coaching skills

Expansion of intuitive capabilities

Accelerated personal growth and evolution

A deeper commitment to Transformational Breath®

And so much more

The course is being held in the beautiful Barnet area in North London, at Whalebones Wellbeing Centre. The venue, a modern and fully-equipped private converted barn, provides an unparalleled sense of peaceful seclusion for our meetings.

Cost: £1,900


Event Details

  • Date: 01/11/2024
  • Times: 09:00 - 19:30
  • Location: Barnet, North London, UK
  • Duration: 7 days

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