Reclaim Your Superpowers with Judith Kravitz

Discover How Breath Is The Key To Personal Transformation™ A Reclaim Your Super Powers Introduction weekend with world-renowned Breathwork teacher and Founder of Transformational Breath Foundation, Dr. Judith Kravitz.

Experience the benefits and application of deep, connected breathing with 4 full Transformational Breath® sessions. All participants must book for the whole weekend only.

A weekend of deep personal transformation with Transformational Breath®, one of the world’s leading techniques for personal healing & change.

Discover how your breath is the key to unlocking your full potential.

Learn how the way you breathe shapes the way you live

Learn tools to start or enhance your own daily breathing practice

Reclaim Your Superpowers is an official Transformational Breath Programme. Discover the techniques of Breath Analysis, Body Mapping, Sound & Toning and experience twice-daily Breath Sessions. On this uplifting weekend you will reap the benefits that take place when you release restrictions in your breathing pattern.

The journey to this space begins with making the most of our ability to breathe, simply by opening up our respiratory system. This is the first step in Transformational Breath; observing how one breathes and then coaching them into a more open and flowing breathing pattern. Most have no awareness of how they breathe or how to breathe most effectively; or understand the deeper significance of the inherent messages about us that lie in the way we breathe. But optimal integrative breathing is an essential tool for rediscovering a time—perhaps the childhood years—where imagination was already limitless, life was a borderless frontier, when Superpowers were a given whose existence was not questioned until the world around us began to throttle our pure expression. That time was where we understood without being told that we are one with the world, connected to all and can reach out to any resource or goal without hesitation or fear.

Because Transformational Breath utilises very specific breathing patterns to energetically access and transform stored material in the subconscious—such as old unfelt emotions, negative thoughts, unresolved traumas—our breathing practice becomes the launching pad on this amazing journey as we unearth our Superpowers. We open the flow of breath in our body, up and down, in and out. We unlock the cache of big dreams that are the key to our powers and exceptional potential. We clear the energy blockages created from suppressed material that kept us from reaching deeper parts of ourselves and enjoying the magical dimensions of life.

It is these expanded states where our elevated Awareness resides, where our Superpowers lie dormant waiting to be claimed. Yes, we have the full ability with our breath and focused intention to retrieve our innate Joy, Peace, Unconditional Love, and many of the other facets that represent Superpowers.

A weekend that will provide you with tools to benefit on a mental, emotional and physical level

Benefits of improving your breathing:

  • Open your breath and expand your awareness
  • Feel more energised and revitalised
  • Let go of old emotions and gain a sense of freedom
  • Release anxiety and alleviate depression
  • Develop a strong connection with your true self
  • Cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and others
  • Become aware of emotions halting your emotional growth
  • Develop a new dimension to your yoga practice

Transformational Breath uses a connected breath pattern that awakens the infinite wisdom and healing possibilities found within the breath. If you seek clarity, profound healing or inspiration then this intensive is for you.

Transformational Breath gives you the power to make positive change in your life. Throughout the weekend, participants learn to harness the potency of their breath to create the life they want to live. Make huge breakthroughs you never thought were possible and make peace with the past.

You will be guided each day through experiences that free your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual bodies. Learn about your own unique breathing pattern and how it affects your life. Work with your intentions to create change in your life. Leave with tools and support to continue your experience of this transformational path.

Places are limited and expected to fill fast so please book early

Transformational Breath® is a registered trademark of the Transformational Breath Foundation:


Event Details

  • Date: 04/08/2018
  • Times: Saturday 4th August 2pm - Sunday 5th August 9pm
  • Location: Indaba Yoga, 16 Hayes Place, Marylebone, London, NW1 6UA
  • Duration: 2 days

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