Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Transformational Breath®Workshop

The Spirit of Cacao with Breath

The Spirit of Cacao with Breath

The Spirit of Cacao is a teacher, a keeper of ancient, sacred wisdom. Cacao marks one of the great world trees. Representing this tree of life, Cacao carries the frequencies of love, balance and compassion, allowing a deep, loving connection with yourself and others.

Cacao is an ancient plant medicine that helps us to connect to our own higher self and inner guide. It is a facilitator of clarity, purpose and greater connection and can be supportive for energetic healing on an individual as well as collective level.

Cacao is a much gentler plant medicine than many other popular ones being used around the world. While gentle, the benefits of Cacao are still very powerful.

During this special ceremony, each participant will enjoy a dose of organic 100% grade Cacao directly sourced from ancient gardens in Peru.

Following the ceremony after lunch, we will integrate this healing with a full Transformational Breath session bringing peace, healing and harmony to this special day.

Things you need to know to keep you in the flow

  • Arrive promptly for 10 am so we can begin the ceremony
  • Please dress comfortably in layers, for comfort and meditation and bring:
  • water bottle
  • your favourite large mug for your cacao elixir
  • maybe some special blanket or cushion for you to lie on
  • a small offering of gratitude for the altar
  • The Cacao is most effective on an empty stomach, so please avoid breakfast (Only if that is ok for you. Some people have medical issues that require them to eat. If you need to eat have a very light snack an hour before we begin). Avoid dairy on this day, as it inhibits the effects of the cacao elixir. Please refrain from ingesting mind/energy altering substances on the day of this ceremony, both before and after the ceremony. (e.g. caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, recreational drugs, etc).

    There is a local park you can visit at lunchtime, (weather permitting). There are some local cafes, although you might find it easier to bring a packed lunch. We will probably keep the break to around an hour.

    Are there any risks or contraindications?

    There are a few reasons why you may not want to consume an entire ceremonial dose of cacao, but in small doses, cacao can be a wellness enhancer for nearly everyone.

    If you have a serious heart condition, you may not want to drink the whole ceremonial dose, as cacao increases heart rate slightly and dilates blood vessels which lower blood pressure

    The second reason you may not want to consume a ceremonial dose is if you are on certain medication such as anti-depression. If in doubt please check with your doctor or contact us beforehand.

    Pregnant women need to take care and may wish to consume closer to a half-ceremonial dose. Please let us know in advance in you are considering participating. Studies have shown that mammas that consume a small daily dose of cacao while pregnant have happier babies (and happier mammas too).

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    Event Details

    • Date: 01/08/2020
    • Times: 10:00 - 16:00
    • Location: Wheatsheaf Community Centre
    • Duration: 6 hours

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