6-day Transformational Breath Seminar in Birmingham

Seminar in Birmingham



‘BirminghamBreathes’ is delighted to welcome you to a very special 6-day Transformational Breath(r) Seminar

in the beautiful  city of Birmingham, in the middle of the UK,  20 miles from Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon,

and with  easy  access by  car,  rail  or plane.


A  truly life-changing opportunity to immerse yourself in Transformational Breath(r), with like-minded

and supportive fellow  travellers and a great way to round off the Summer.


The Training Team

Val Jenner,  Andria Falk and  Intern Dharmada  of  ‘BirminghamBreathes’  are really looking forward   to  working with

Certified International Trainer Vincent Oloo on this official Transformational Breath Foundation personal

development training.  Vincent joined us in Birmingham  on Introductory workshops twice in 2019 and we know

we are in for a rich experience.



The seminar  programme includes 2 or 3 breath sessions each day, as well as an intensive programme of  linked

techniques and skills.  This includes: body mapping, breathing analysis, sound healing, forgiveness exercise,

break states, work with your inner child, dyadic communication, Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’, letting-go-of-judgement

process, Fountain of Youth ‘Five Rites’, 8th-12th chakra opening, brain balancing and mirror

breathing.  And the programme manual will be a rich resource for you to take home and  dip into whenever you want to.


The programme offers  a fully-immersive personal development experience, as well as being a thorough grounding

for people who want to go on to do  the Foundation’s  professional training programme. It is equivalent to Level 1,

2 and 3 of the Transformational Breath Foundation Self-Development Programme.



Here’s what one of  Birmingham Breathes’  participants had to say about her experience of a Seminar:

‘it was an incredible experience ..  there were two breath sessions every day and I let go of so much ‘stuff’ I didn’t realise was

affecting me .. and we had such fun as well:  singing and dancing.  It was just lovely;  and everyone was so helpful’.



This is a non-residential  event  and we recommend you stay nearby;   we are pleased to send  a list of accommodation

and may be able to put  you in touch  with people to share accommodation.



£1,300 (includes tuition, training,  manual)

+ £150 delegate rate (snacks,  lunch-time meals and some evening meals)


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Event Details

  • Date: 23/08/2020
  • Location: Non-residential venue in South Birmingham
  • Duration: 6 days

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