TRANSFORM YOUR SHADOW Introductory Workshop

Transformational Breath ® with Archetypes, Ritual and Transformational Breath ®

in Glastonbury

Powerful inner work including Archetypes, Ritual and Transformational Breath®
Not for the Fainthearted

Sunday 21st of January 2018
@ Sunflower Healing

9.30am to 4.30pm

£85 inc’ two full Transformational Breath® sessions and a Vegetarian Lunch.
Only 6 places available so that we can work deeply and intimately together.

This is deep work, but please be reassured it will be balanced with lots of good humour x

We are still in the dark part of the pagan wheel of the Year, so this is the perfect time to remain in our inner cave and to dive deep into our shadow. For us just like our Druidic ancestors, this is the perfect time to release the old and give birth to the new x
Archetypes are ancient, universal patterns of behaviour that are embedded in what Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious”. We will be diving into the subconscious with deep inner shadow work, using Archetypes, ritual and fire ceremony and Transformational Breath® to discover aspects of the self you may have disowned or suppressed
Bringing our shadow out into the light will enable you to deepen your intuition, trust, self-worth, and move forward in your life, by letting go you will replace your shadow with that which you desire the most.

We will create beautiful unique affirmations to take home with you and to celebrate your achievements x

A safe confidential space will be held so that you can dive as deep as you like into this work x

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Event Details

  • Date: 21/01/2018
  • Times: 9.30 am - 4.30pm
  • Location: Glastonbury
  • Duration: 7hrs

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