Transformational Breath. New Year – New Energy Sunday 13th January 2019

Each one of us has our own breathing pattern and many of us hold onto unnecessary tension within our respiratory muscles, restricting us from breathing deeply and fully. Each breath we take has it’s own unique rhythm and throughout this workshop, which will be led by Aimee Hartley, you will experience both the healing effects of a natural, full breath while experiencing the deep healing effects of this unique breath work which includes sound, movement, acupressure and intention.

This unique breathing technique involves circular breathing, acupressure (light touch – no needles!), sound, movement and positive affirmations and deep relaxation. This breath work can be powerful and transformative and great for those committed to change and self improvement. The body and mind can feel lighter, freer and much more relaxed just after one session. The breath work will be facilitated by London’s latest Transformational Breath workers.

Breathing fully can:

improve digestion

boost circulation

increase energy and fitness

generate feelings of calm

release old emotions

feel lighter and more focused

gain clarity, inspiration and connection with your intuition and de-clutter the mind of negative chit chat.


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Event Details

  • Date: 09/01/2019
  • Times: 12:00 - 14:30
  • Location: Stretch London Yoga
  • Duration: 2.5hours

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