Trust your Breathing Body: An introduction to Transformational Breath® Holland Park Avenue London

Change your breathing and Change your life

An introduction to award-winning Transformational Breath® with Julie Ann Horrox who has over 20yrs experience of Conscious Breathwork.

The divine intelligence of our breath and our body. Learn how your breathing pattern is a map of the subconscious mind and why accessing deeper truths is only possible without the intellect. How is it that our greatest power is in our belly and not our mind?

Learning how to trust your own breath, which contains so many of the answers that you are looking for, allow it to guide you to find whatever you desire more of in your life, maybe that’s more love, nurture and self-care, slowing down and de-stressing. Or it could be about standing in your power and saying No!!! Whatever your issues your breath can guide in a deeper way than the mind ever can.

Discover how to connect more deeply with yourself than you ever thought was possible by embracing a fuller, deeper more gracious and sublime way to breathe.

Understand how changing your breathing pattern can profoundly change your life and connect you back to the natural ease and grace of your magical inner child.

Learn how to trust yourself again by trusting your own breath and return to a time and place before life became challenging or overwhelming x

Discover how your our own breath is your inner guide to personal freedom, to more joy, self-nurturing, self-acceptance and gentleness, reconnect all those parts of yourself that your soul is crying out to be reunited with x

All of this is possible when you learn to trust the power of your own inner Guru, your breath xXx

10 am to 1 pm
@ A Place to Heal
Your investment is £50
for this 3hur workshop
Includes a Full Transformational Breath® Session

Limited to 12 places

One on one sessions available in the afternoon at 2 pm, 3.45 pm and 5.30 pm

and on Sunday 24th 9.30am 11.15 am and 1 pm


Event Details

  • Date: 23/03/2019
  • Times: 10:00 - 13:00
  • Location: pin A Place to Heal by Arrigo 118B Holland Park Avenue, W11 4UA London, United Kingdom
  • Duration: 3hrs

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