Yuletide Breathing Circle Glastonbury

Transformational Breath® Circle

Yuletide Breathing Circle Glastonbury

7.30 pm -9.30 pm 2 hour MAIN BREATHING CIRCLE
The rates are for as follows …..
Working/ Low-wage/Benefits & Goddess Community
Cost £20/£15/£10

6.30-7.30pm 1-hour CLASS for newbies to introduce the work

For anyone who has not tried Transformational Breath® before, this is quite a different approach to Rebirthing or Holotropic breathwork. This is the ONLY BREATHING MODALITY which gives full resolution to issues and focuses on what we want to create rather than what we get rid of.

Transformational Breath® is a self-empowering process which gives you the tools to use this in your daily practice x

It is a unique breathing modality using the latest neuroscience breathing analysis, body mapping, sacred sound, Deep presence, life coaching, intention setting, invocation, movement and music to create profound life changes.

N.B. If you have not breathed with me before, You will need to arrive at 6.30 pm for an hours introduction, because this form of breathwork is very different in many ways to other forms of Breathwork that you may have practised, you only need to do this extra hour once, but anyone is welcome to do it again as a recap if you like.

This is a GLOBAL Monthly event and is synchronized worldwide see breathing circle.org

We will be setting intentions Personally, for our community and for the world and breathing together with thousands of other conscious breathers around the planet.

Your Facilitator Julie Ann Horrox is a fully certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator & Advanced Level Teacher. The UK Ambassador for The International Breath Foundation, and has over 20yrs Professional Experience with Conscious Breathwork. Prior to this using the breath since childhood as an actor and an athlete x

For our own comfort, you are welcome to bring pillows, a blanket or two, a water bottle. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing, preferably trousers as we will be using movement, sacred sound, and bodywork, in this cutting edge technique.

Transformational breath® is a loving and very powerful process of self-healing, where life changes become easy with the help of your own breath.
By learning to open your breath, you will open up to MORE GOOD in your life! Because you are connecting directly to your infinite supply of life force energy!

Transformational Breath® Sessions Can help you to…
• Prevents heart disease and boosts immunity
• Transform subconscious behavioural patterns Suppressions and repressions
• Release blocked emotions and Fear
• Manifest more Love, Joy and Abundance than you dared to dream of.
• Better mental clarity feels more inspired and creative.
• A deeper connection to self, forgiveness and compassion.

Venue: The Goddess House Glastonbury

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Breath Circle

Event Details

  • Date: 29/12/2019
  • Times: 18:30 - 21:30
  • Location: Glastonbury
  • Duration: 2hrs

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