Finding my Breath! by Megan Wright Jones

Finding my breath! Something most relaxed people do unconsciously. My own reality has astonished me and my journey thus far is one I would like to share. Firstly I am eternally grateful for the path I took in order to enjoy the simplest of life’s pleasures without the anxieties which are far from pleasurable. Having suffered from ptsd and social anxiety for way too many years I decided to seek help. As effortlessly as it is to breathe freely, I was a prisoner in my own body before I took some very important steps.

On a business trip to Europe with my partner I was more anxious than normal and this had been evident to me for a few months before. After a few days I met a lovely lady who happened to be a breathing coach. I listened to her as she enthused about how breathing correctly has changed many peoples lives. I must admit she had me captivated from the second she mentioned what she did as I had always been aware that I held my breath. I didn’t know why I did and how to change these life learned habits. After our chat I promised myself I would find a coach as soon as I got home.

I had five breathing sessions with an amazing breath coach who was and still is an inspiration to me. If I could shout from the rooftops in order to help others I would. I hold my head with confidence and know that I am worthy. For without self worth this would not be possible and through breathing I found my true self. My saviour before learning how to breathe correctly was my devotion to athleticism. I became a gymnast at the tender age of 6 and have enjoyed exercise to a high level ever since. Because of all the happy hormones we produce when exercising this would have been my saviour. Since finding my breath I now enjoy my other passion which is to write. Before the breath work I felt stuck when I wrote from the tension in my body. I’m now proud of what I write!

One of my other passions is to sing. I decided to practise knowing that my breath work had improved dramatically. Not only do I have better control over my voice but was able to feel the breath in my lower stomach opening up. This is the best gift I’ve given to myself! Being conscious of this has brought many happy tears to my eyes. All of these simple life pleasures are happening to me.

I highly recommend this wonderful tonic, life with “the breath” makes life better!

Post date: 19 March 2019