Five of our members, all experienced in Transformational Breath, recently headed to Bakewell in Derbyshire for a Laughter Yoga Leaders training, facilitated by Morag Wylie, who is herself both a Laughter Yoga Leader Trainer and a Transformational Breath Co-trainer. Andria Falk said, “With its emphasis on laughter, breathing, playfulness and connecting with other people, it certainly fitted with our Transformational Breath philosophy. As you would imagine, laughter exercises are central: yes, initially the laughter was sometimes simulated, although we found that with the right exercises it soon became spontaneous and we just couldn’t stop laughing!

It was great to hear how Dr. Madan Katari, Laughter Yoga developer, is looking to create a kinder, more
loving world through Laughter Yoga , and that it is now practised in over 100 countries. We felt that Laughter Yoga is both a lot of fun and a useful tool alongside Transformational Breath, especially for inner child healing, positive thinking and working with people with special needs. We all of us felt that we laughed more in the one weekend than we ever do normally and that we found again a playfulness that will stay with us.”

Post date: 16 November 2017