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Transformational Breath® Introductory Online Class

Would you like to experience the most powerful breathing technique called Transformational Breath® to use in your daily life?

In this class you will

  • Learn to use Transformational Breath® to improve your physical and mental well-being
  • Learn your own breathing pattern and increase your breathing capacity
  • Regulate your emotions, increase the resilience of your nervous system
  • Improve your mood, relieve physical and emotional stress and tension.
  • The use of different modalities including body mapping, toning and pounding for energy release

How can breathwork improve my life?

Learning to breathe deeply and with more conscious awareness can have a profound impact on your daily life.  It can Improve  sleep, reduce stress levels and soothe busy minds.  But first we need to unlearn the restricted breathing patterns we’ve created to kept ourselves ‘safe’ or ‘protected’.  Changing the way you breathe is a practice and a discipline, something you need to gently learn and gradually retrain yourself to do on a regular basis.   Over time this practice creates new patterns and the old ones release and fall away through the breathwork itself.

What is Transformational Breath®?

Whilst there are many breathing techniques which help people to breathe better Transformational Breath® is the best one to recommend to people who want to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  It is the most efficient breathing technique to give us a huge amount of oxygen and energy whilst breathing, release and process emotions in our unconscious as we breathe deeply in a connected way – there are no pauses between inhale and exhale.

Many psychologists who use this technique found that one hour of Transformational Breath® session equals to two years of psychotherapy.

What do you need to prepare for the class?

  • Availability and commitment to join online session.
  • Willingness to invest in yourself and learn a breathing tool to use daily.
  • Access to internet via computer, smartphone or tablet to log into each live session and some headphones if possible.
  • A quiet comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Some extra pillows to prop you up on, a blanket to keep your body warm.
  • Have a some water with you in case your mouth becomes dry during your practice.


If you are on any medication or have a history of mental health issues please email Elif prior to this course. If you have high blood pressure, asthma or have had any recent operations please also contact: [email protected]


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Event Details

  • Date: 21/07/2024
  • Times: 19:00 - 20:15
  • Location: On zoom
  • Duration: 75mins

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